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Weve launches “smart scanner” mobile coupons

Weve launches “smart scanner” mobile coupons

We’re pleased to partner with mobile marketing and commerce provider Weve to launch “smart scanner” mobile coupons with nationwide campaigns from shopper media agency Capture’s brands, including McCain Roasts.

The mobile coupons enable customers to redeem offers straight from their smartphone, eliminating the paper process. With the integration into our digital promotions platform, this means that advertisers can track mobile coupon redemptions in real-time, to gain an accurate ROI and to provide the ability to offer more personalised and relevant offers to consumers based on their purchasing behaviour.

Utilising the power of technology for mobile coupons

Weve simply sends a text message to customers, on behalf of the advertiser, with details of the offer and a link to the coupon. Once customers click on the link, they are taken to a barcode, generated by Eagle Eye, to scan at the checkout directly from their mobile, to redeem the coupon immediately.

You can read more around our mobile coupon capabilities here, or read more around our partnership with Weve here.