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UK’s first Passbook mobile coupon campaign with Harvester

UK’s first Passbook mobile coupon campaign with Harvester

Late last year, Millennial Media partnered with us to work with the UK restaurant chain Harvester, to deliver an innovative mobile coupon campaign that took advantage of the latest feature from Apple – the Passbook.

When the iPhone 5 launched, Passbook didn’t receive the press attention that many of the other new features were given. However, with the ease-of-use and clear utility in the storing of vouchers, travel tickets and loyalty cards, we believe that Passbook could have a huge impact and become a bellwether for mobile wallet implementation.

The Harvester campaign took advantage of Millennial Media’s targeting technology to serve display ads to iPhone 5 users, and those who had upgraded to the latest iOS6, with a skew towards families. Upon clicking the banner, the consumer was taken to a simple landing page that clearly communicated the offer, with the call-to-action to add this to their Passbook. Eagle Eye then pushed the individually coded voucher to their smartphone, with no additional details required. This seamless consumer experience was a major step forward and by removing the need to enter form details, such as your mobile number, we were able to reduce friction in the customer journey and improve issuance levels.

Once the voucher was loaded into Passbook, the platform, powered by Eagle Eye and Card Commerce, enabled the consumer to redeem the offer securely via the Chip & PIN terminal in participating outlets. Using this technology, Harvester managed to close the loop on their marketing campaign by measuring each customer engagement with the campaign from issuance to redemption, driving real value and efficiencies, in a way that is not possible with more traditional media.

The campaign ran in the UK for two weeks and in that time drove issuance of almost 16,000 vouchers, with over 700 vouchers redeemed within the campaign period.

Commenting on the campaign, Eagle Eye CEO, Steve Rothwell, stated: “The launch of Apple’s Passbook with iOS 6 marks the beginning of the end for paper and plastic based coupons and vouchers… More than ever, success in the retail sector comes down to being able to provide a superior service to customers. Digital, in particular mobile and tablets, are key components for this and as such is at the heart of what we’re doing here.” This bold statement is validated by OnDevice Research, who published a report that indicated 53% of consumers would prefer to redeem instore vouchers using their mobile, vs 34% via printed means.

Further opportunities with mobile couponing campaigns are manifold: these include the ability to analyse and respond to campaign metrics such as average basket size, changing the offer or creative as appropriate in real time; active audiences can be enrolled into relevant mobile CRM programmes; and the campaign can be optmised, not just to media segments where issuance is strongest, but also environments where redemption itself is seen to be highest.

The ability to put mobile at the centre of well-used sales promotion techniques, and enhance the experience for brand, merchant and consumer, is just beginning. Retail distribution remains a key value-chain partner, as technology integration, staff education and training is necessary to facilitate redemption. However, as we have demonstrated, by adopting a partnership approach between brand, retailer, technology partner and the mobile media platform, exciting results with a strong and measurable ROI are possible.