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How can you capitalise on a market that’s expected to double in value in the next five years?

The global gift card market is growing rapidly and it’s expected to double in value in the next five years alone. Digitising your gift card scheme not only enhances consumer experience, but increases brand engagement, especially among younger consumers, such as millennials.

Gift enables you to...

Acquire new customers

Acquire new customers

With 60% of consumers saying they have been introduced to a new brand through a gift card and 18% (rising to a quarter of those under 45) have become regular customers as a result

Generate new revenues

Generate new revenues

On average, customers spend more money than they have stored when using gift cards, resulting in increased revenues

Access new sales channels

Access new sales channels

Gift cards help you reach new markets, including specialised gift card distributors and the business-to-business sector, where they’re used as employee rewards or customer incentives

Find out how our Gift Card solution can help you acquire new customers and incentivise existing ones

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A reliable, secure, cost-effective and easy way to launch gift card programmes or digitise existing gift card programmes.


  • Accounting accuracy
  • Fraud
  • In-store redemption only
  • Poor customer experience
  • High operational costs


  • Real-time issuance, validation and reporting
  • Omni-channel capability
  • Web-based dashboard for easy management
  • White-label web-based portal enabling consumers to purchase physical and digital cards


  • Visibility and transparency
  • Reduced fraud
  • Increased revenue
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Lower costs and increased efficiency


Discover how Eagle Eye Gift helps you increase revenues

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