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reach and redeem

would you like to create meaningful relationships with new customers?

eagle eye AIR can help you track and monitor your digital promotions in real-time, from social channels to your business’ front door. Having the capability to track campaigns from start to finish means you can achieve a single customer view, where you can market to individuals based on their preferences and buying habits, optimising your campaigns on the go and improving ROI.


Attract new customers to your brand utilising single or multiple social channels, whilst tracking their every engagement from click to conversion in both the physcial and digital worlds


  • Identifying and monitoring target prospects' behaviour
  • Tracking the ROI from social media spend to in-store conversion


  • Social Media Call to Action (CTA)
  • Rich customer data capture, feeding a Single Customer View (SCV)
  • Coupon issuance through social media platforms and other digital media
  • Real-time campaign validation, redemption and reporting
  • Communication tools, microsites, SMS, email and in-app push notification


  • Increased footfall, driving revenue
  • New and enriched customer data, enabling better targeting
  • Track and optimise your ROI


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