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United Kingdom
Phone no: 0844 824 3686

Head Office:
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Digital World Centre,
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Food Services: harnessing customer loyalty

Digitally incentivise and reward customer loyalty, whilst targeting your promotions to optimise voucher redemption

Food service businesses are experiencing growing margin pressures as a result of ever-increasing input costs, fast-evolving consumer dining habits and their highly competitive industry. Our digital marketing platform, Eagle Eye AIR, allows you to digitally incentivise and reward customer loyalty, whilst targeting your promotions to optimise voucher redemption.

What consumers get...

  • Added value, engagement and convenient voucher redemption
  • Loyalty rewards tailored to their profile and preferences
  • Easily accessible and redeemable online and mobile coupons delivered directly to their devices

What brands get...

  • An enriched single customer view with real-time performance monitoring
  • Easily managed and optimised campaigns that keep your promotions agile and fresh
  • Enhanced customer loyalty and improved staff loyalty schemes
  • Partnerships with manufacturers and producers to optimise promotions 
  • Access to our growing audience and POS partner network
  • Greater productivity from staff resulting from popular loyalty schemes
  • Savings on operational costs through digitised promotions
  • Elimination of fraud through real-time voucher redemption and unique IDs

Key issues - how we address them

  • Increasing margin pressures? → As your business faces increasing input costs on both labour and raw materials, an effective on-site dining programme allows you to target incremental same-store sales growth and promotes customer loyalty.
  • Lack of accurate customer data? → We capture broad, detailed data on your staff or customers, enabling you to optimise and personalise your on-premise dining programmes or loyalty schemes.
  • Reaching people with a suitable offer at a relevant time? – Tailor your program for multiple levels -  create a multi-tiered wallet, or set spend threshold and exclusions with staff rewards.

Would you like to find out how you can benefit from incentivising and rewarding loyalty?

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