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Powering brand activation campaigns

For brands, running promotional coupon campaigns was once a costly exercise with no obvious ROI reporting or campaign monitoring. Thanks to our innovative digital marketing platform, Eagle Eye AIR, brands can now run secure coupon promotions with multi-channel issuance and real-time reporting, meaning more agile and measurable campaigns that provide a better customer experience.

What your consumers get...

  • Better customer experience and more valuable engagements
  • Rewards, offers and samples better tailored to their customer profile
  • Digitally enabled experience through digital coupons and promotions

What your brand gets...

  • Improved ROI measurement on brand campaigns
  • Real-time reporting on footfall and other vital customer data
  • Ability to integrate existing platforms and data stacks
  • A single customer view (or SCV) with real-time performance marketing data, including issuance channel, time, data and location
  • Easily created and managed promotional coupon campaigns
  • An advanced digital marketing platform that delivers insights, drives revenue and improves customer experience

Key issues - how we address them 

  • No end-to-end visibility? Our digital marketing platform provides vital real-time tracking on promotional coupon campaigns, so your brand knows when, how and where they’re reaching their customers.
  • Clunky customer experience? eagle eye AIR gives you the opportunity to create tailored promotional campaigns with multiple distribution and redemption channels, as well as audience, POS and reseller partners. This means you can seamlessly engage with your audience wherever they are, guaranteeing the best customer experience.
  • GDPR compliance issues? We are entirely GDPR-compliant. By providing a mobile solution for promotional coupon campaigns through a simple scan at POS, we can bypass compliance issues.

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