Rewards Channels

We work with the biggest reward programs in the UK, including Tesco Clubcard and Nectar.

Through our Eagle Eye AIR platform, these programs can offer their card holders the ability to easily exchange points for digital rewards or a digital voucher that is redeemable at popular nationwide outlets – such as Pizza Express.

Because the entire process can be paperless, it is far faster and more efficient than traditional paper-based manual coupons to issue digital rewards. This means that customers receive their offer within hours, rather than days. Of course, if your recipients prefer plastic card or paper, we also support these types – but always using our codes which are validated and redeemed digitally through our digital promotions platform, to eliminate associated fraud and mal-redemption, whilst removing distribution costs to you and your reward programs.

reduced Mal redemption and fraud
Paper counting and reconciliation – which are timely and costly
Lack of real-time data

Reduce fraud & mal-redemption

Increase sales

Performance monitoring of offers & rewards

Why partner with Eagle Eye for your rewards program?

A single connection between you and Eagle Eye means you can leverage the Eagle Eye network of connected retailers, either POS integrated or via bulk load of third-party codes

The requirement for you to maintain point-to-point contact with individual partnerships is removed; new retailers are automatically available as they are added to our network

Provides you with customer behavioural data outside your own organisational boundaries which can be fed into your loyalty and wider CRM platforms

Offers loyalty members a wider choice and range of rewards

Major opportunity to increase sales via value conversion

Reduced fraud from unique, single use codes

Optimised customer experience as 3rd party vouchers can be managed within your loyalty app

Real-time performance monitoring and delivery of offers, vouchers, coupons and rewards

Bespoke business rules and commercials with the program owner can be arranged