Do you want make the shift to digital and to remove the paper coupon counting process, along with the associated cost involved?

With a digital promotions platform, you can achieve this, as well as having access to real-time basket data, harmonise cross-channel data to gain a single customer view to truly understand your customers. With these abilities the AIR platform will enable you to offer a more personalised offering for your consumers based on their individual preferences.

The Challenges

The constantly shifting nature of the retail sector means there are several challenges that retail marketers face, which can all be solved with a digital promotions solution, these include:

Disconnected online and instore platforms
Fragmented data across channels
Mal redemption and fraud
Tracking marketing effectiveness instore

Disconnected online & in-store platforms

Fragmented data across channels

Mal-redemption & fraud from traditional coupons

Tracking marketing effectiveness in-store

The Eagle Eye solution

Eagle Eye AIR provides you with the following features:

  • Real-time consumer and basket data
  • Full basket validation
  • Campaign criteria management; coupon type, discount value, location, time and date (criteria can be altered mid campaign should you need to)
  • Distribution through multiple channels
  • Support of both plastic and digital including digitisation of existing gift voucher programs
  • Programme set up and management including purchase limits
  • Customer care eGift vouchers
  • Real-time reporting

The benefits to you

  • Omni channel coupon capability
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Increased in-store footfall
  • Enabling single customer view and loyalty
  • Tracking instore attribution of marketing spend
  • Elimination of fraud for offers and promotions
  • Decreased operational costs

To focus on improving consumer loyalty take a look at our Eagle Eye Reward product which will allow you to manage a balance of points on a per consumer or group basis and assign a unique customer ID to each program.

This will enable digital stamp cards with defined reward for completion, point based reward schemes with optional exchange with other merchants, cash back schemes and B2B gift voucher loyalty schemes.