Thomas Pink

Thomas Pink is a leading luxury clothing business founded in 1984. It is part of the LVMH group, with over 90 stores around the world.

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the challenge

• To create a platform that would enable purchasing and redemption of gift cards both online and in-store, in multiple countries

• To eliminate voucher mal-redemption

• To improve customer engagement and user experience

• To reduce operational costs

the solution

Thomas Pink customers now have the ability to purchase digital gift vouchers online, for anyone around the world. The eagle eye AIR platform generates the unique codes for gift coupons, which can be sent via SMS and email, instantaneously or at a future date e.g. someone’s birthday. The digital vouchers can be fully or partially redeemed online or in-store, offering customers a truly omnichannel redemption experience.

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the benefits

• Significant cost savings in issuance of gift cards

• High adoption rates of digital vouchers among customers

• Superior customer experience thanks to seamless, digital gifting

• Enabling omni-channel movements of customers