IMO subscriptions boost sales, frequency and loyalty

ICWG is the largest conveyor car wash company in the world, operating the IMO brand through a network of 800 sites across Europe and Australia, with some 260 of these located throughout the UK.

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The Challenge

Having successfully launched a mobile app with Eagle Eye that has enabled the company to better communicate with and reward its customer base, it wanted to further boost sales and frequency. 

As the app allows for detailed and real-time customer visibility and engagement, it wanted to extend its functionality to include its ‘IMO Wash Club’ subscription service. Its objectives were to:
  • Boost recurring sales by increasing ‘IMO Wash Club’ subscription service conversions; 
  • Foster frequency and loyalty to increase the return on its mobile app investment; and,
  • Create a safe payment and issuance channel to prevent mal-redemption and fraud. 

Growing mobile app investment returns

Alongside its mobile app development, IMO also offers customers the ability to bulk buy car wash vouchers online using Eagle Eye technology to manage their issuance to redemption. 

So, it extended this money-saving capability beyond fleet owners by developing its ‘IMO Wash Club’ loyalty scheme for customers to receive the IMO news, rewards and exclusive money-saving offers. 


The Solution

  • Coupons
  • Mobile App
  • Subscriptions
IMO Wash Club members are prompted to choose their preferred IMO site via the app. They can browse the subscription deals available to them, from £14.99 for 12 washes a month.

Once a member selects a plan, they are passed from the IMO-branded Eagle Eye subscriptions landing page to secure payment solutions provider, Adelante, to complete their payment.

On payment, Eagle Eye is notified to send a unique QR code to the member app’s digital wallet, where it is displayed as a voucher alongside the car registration that the subscription is linked to.

Customers welcome subscription benefits

IMO tested its new ‘Wash Saver’ scheme using Eagle Eye’s subscription mechanism at a limited number of its sites before going live nationwide with the new prepaid discount offer in March 2020.

By displaying identifying information alongside the coupon code at the point of sale, IMO can eliminate mal-redemptions and coupon fraud while offering a safe and contactless service.

It can also use existing Eagle Eye’s capabilities to limit the number of washes each code is valid for, as well as when and where they can be redeemed. So much so, sign-ups are up 115% YoY.

Jayne Enskat, European Marketing Manager, IMO said: “Eagle Eye have worked with the IMO car wash business for over two years. We have been able to progress our customer offer considerably with their applications. 

“We have found them open to ideas and developments to improve our app. IMO is an international brand and working with other countries and languages requires time from suppliers to understand the different rquirements and restrictions in place for each country. Eagle Eye works with us to deliver our marketing strategy across all countries and is a great partner.”
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the benefits

  • Increased IMO Wash Club scheme conversion and Wash Subscription fraud protection
  • Recurring revenue boost by introducing IMO Wash Saver subscription-based discounts
  • Ongoing customer engagement to incentivise frequency and foster customer loyalty
Click here for more information about the IMO Car Wash UK app and IMO's Wash Subscription service.