IMO Car Wash

As the largest, dedicated car wash company in the world, IMO operate over 900 washes across 14 countries. With over half a century in the business, they’ve washed an estimated 900 million cars. Thanks to state-of-the-art conveyor technology, IMO now wash an impressive 35 million cars every year

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the challenge

IMO required a new platform to enable them to better communicate with the broader customer-base, reward existing customers and boost revenue.

• To communicate with customers more frequently, in real time
• To acquire richer customer data
• To provide better engagement with existing customers
To increase conversions for their subscription service 'Unlimited Wash Club', using a safe channel that protected them from mal-redemption and retail coupon fraud

the solution

By launching a new channel with eagle eye AIR in the form of a mobile app, IMO gained numerous tools to boost their engagement with their customer base. The app’s registration page enabled IMO to instantly capture rich, single customer view data - including name, registration number and whether they were a corporate or private user.
This new channel enables IMO to monitor footfall and rank the performance of their outlets, as well as promote offers and distribute mobile coupons in under-performing areas. Using push notifications, IMO can schedule trigger-based, automated messaging in real time to whole segments or individuals. Real-time coupon issuance also means that IMO can monitor customers using their subscription service and prevent mal-redemption.
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the result

With a new channel in mobile app promotions, IMO can develop a relationship with some of their most frequent customers. With the opportunity to gather rich customer data from the registration page, IMO can conduct greater analysis of customer behaviour, as well as encourage repeat sales and increase brand awareness.
IMO is now able to deploy push-notifications and geo-targeting while ensuring that their subscription service is used appropriately. By implementing the new loyalty app with eagle eye AIR, IMO have the potential to increase engagement, footfall and revenue.

the benefits

• Real-time, geo-targeted engagement with customers
• Protection against voucher mal-redemption through generation of unique mobile coupons
• Collection of rich customer data
• Increased footfall and revenue