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Omnichannel Retail - ‘Every little helps’: How knowing your customers can drive sales and frequency

A summary serialising the key points in each chapter of Eagle Eye CEO, Tim Mason's new book, 'Omnichannel Retail: How to build winning stores in a digital world'.

Seize Digital
Author: Miya Knights

If Eagle Eye CEO, Tim Mason, had the chance to launch another Tesco Clubcard loyalty scheme today, you can be sure he would ensure it was digitally enabled and data-driven from the outset, as he sets out in his new book, Omnichannel Retail: How to build winning stores in a digital world.
In it, he argues that, while loyalty is far from dead, it has evolved to encompass the availability of relevant and engaging offers, compelling content and differentiated services, like order ahead, scan & pay or click & collect, made available via mobile. These capabilities can help any retailer or brand establish and maintain meaningful connections with customers that can help them not only survive but thrive by boosting sales and frequency – online and instore.
Click below to read the blogs serialising each chapter of the book and find out more.

Chapter 1: The Digital Imperative

Chapter 2: Analogue Learnings

Chapter 3: Loyalty is Dead

Chapter 4: Your location in the physical world

Chapter 5: How to create the digitally augmented store of the future

Chapter 6: How to enhance the customer experience instore with a mobile makeover

Chapter 7: How to use customer data to optimise business performance

Chapter 8: A practical guide to performance marketing

Chapter 9: How to win customers with an ecommerce business model

Chapter 10: How to create a content strategy to foster customer loyalty and boost sales

Chapter 11: How to build winning stores in a digital world in 10 steps

The Digital Imperative

Eagle Eye announces the launch of a new book, Omnichannel Retail: How to Build Winning Stores in a Digital World, by our CEO, Tim Mason, to help deliver profitable, bricks and mortar retail in the digital age. To mark its publication, a series of 12 blogs summarises the book chapter by chapter, and includes exclusive excerpts as a preview of its key themes and recommendations.

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Analogue Learnings

Eagle Eye recently celebrated the publication of our CEO, Tim Mason’s new book with a launch party that marked how far retailers have come. Thinking back to the days when store managers knew most of their customers by name, this second blog serialising Chapter 2, Analogue Learnings, explores how loyalty first developed in modern retail.

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Loyalty Is Dead

In Chapter 3 of Omnichannel Retail, Tim argues that his Clubcard experiences and the best practice answers the question, “is loyalty is dead?” Loyalty is an emotion, and so is far from dead. In fact, retail loyalty is alive and well – both in the traditional formats we’ve become accustomed to through stamp cards and points schemes and in many new guises.

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Your Location In The Physical World

Omnichannel Retail explores the acquisition, conversion and retention strategies that will be effective for bricks-and-clicks retailers in future. Loyalty is not dead, but traditional customer loyalty today has limits. In this fourth blog post from the Omnichannel Retail series, we begin to focus on the role the store has to play in the total retail offer.

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How To Create The Digitally Augmented Store Of The Future

A well-executed ‘omnichannel’ strategy offers a seamless customer proposition across sales and marketing channels. It also does so profitably, thanks to the integration and optimisation of end-to-end operations too. In this fifth Eagle Eye blog serialising Omnichannel Retail, we continue to explore the role of the physical sales channel in this mix.

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How To Enhance The Customer Experience Instore With A Mobile Makeover

In this sixth in a series we look at how to get business buy-in for digital store augmentation. The ‘digitally augmented’ store is so important in levelling the playing field for bricks-and-mortar retailers. But many are struggling to modernise their legacy store estates, which is where the ‘mobile makeover’ comes in.

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How To Use Customer Data To Optimise Business Performance

In this seventh Eagle Eye blog serialising our CEO, Tim Mason’s new book, Omnichannel Retail: How to Build Winning Stores in a Digital World, we explore the first area retailers need to apply customer data insight. That is, to run their businesses better. The book makes the case for the digital imperative to connect with customers in order to better understand them.

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A Practical Guide To Performance Marketing

The eighth Eagle Eye blog serialising the key themes explored in the book Miya Knights co-authored with Tim Mason, Omnichannel Retail: How to build winning stores in a digital world represents the lessons he learned and how to use digital to overcome some of the marketing challenges he faced.

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How To Win Customers With An Ecommerce Business Model

Although Tim Mason’s new book focuses on redressing the imbalance between businesses’ ability to connect with customers digitally as easily in stores as they can online, Chapter 9 recognises the key role ecommerce plays. If customers are increasingly blending online and physical sales channels throughout their shopping journeys, then it is worth understanding why.

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How To Create A Content Strategy To Foster Customer Loyalty And Boost Sales

This penultimate Eagle Eye blog serialising our CEO, Tim Mason’s new book, Omnichannel Retail: How to Build Winning Stores in a Digital World, tackles the critical subject of content that is fit for the digital age.

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How To Build Winning Stores In A Digital World In 10 Steps

The final Eagle Eye blog serialising our CEO, Tim Mason’s new book, Omnichannel Retail: How to Build Winning Stores in a Digital World, summarises the most important points and key messages from its 10 chapters.

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