How can mobile engagement drive sales and frequency for your F&B business?

Consumer smartphone adoption presents a huge opportunity for your food and beverage business. This is how mobile engagement can boost sales and drive higher frequency.

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Consumer-facing businesses are at a technological inflection point, where over two thirds of the world’s population is now connected by mobile and mobile devices accounted for over half of all organic search engine visits in the US during the second quarter of 2018. Coupled with the fact that, in the retail and hospitality industry, food and beverage is the sector with the highest percentage of online search volumes, claiming 72% of searches initiated by mobile, operators cannot afford to ignore the opportunities these trends enable.

The first step in capitalising on sales and marketing opportunities facilitated by smartphone adoption and the rise of apps is to consider the different mobile interactions you can have with your customers. You should then think about how relevant and compelling offers can be interwoven within those interactions to drive more sales.

1. Timely, relevant discounts

Sometimes all it takes to encourage a consumer to make a buying decision is to offer them a little extra value. In fact, our Purple Paper found that a third of 25-34 year olds would be very likely to make a spontaneous or unplanned purchase if:
  • Promotions are available for a limited time only e.g. ‘buy today at half price’ (34%)
  • Promotions are personalised to them e.g. ‘£5 off your most purchased item’ (33%)
  • Promotions are targeted by location e.g. ‘here’s a free voucher to spend in a nearby restaurant or store’ (31%)
Rather than sending a discount to the masses, engaging consumers on their mobiles with personalised, time-bound and location-specific promotions can make the difference between the offer being ignored and a sale. Examples of promotions that give consumers extra value include mobile discounts that can be redeemed in their local restaurant or an online discount that can be used on occasions the consumer will want to celebrate.

2. Recognising regular custom

The utility of Wi-Fi, offered in combination with mobile engagement, can attract both new and repeat customers. You can then use automatic Wi-Fi sign-in, geolocation and push notification capabilities to deliver promotions that can be tailored or recognise returning patrons for their custom, such as a continuity stamp card that enables frequent customers to get a drink on their tenth visit at a discount or for free.

This is backed by the fact that Eagle Eye’s international survey found that consumers want recognition for frequency and loyalty. While price has the most influence on their choice of retailer, relevant and timely promotions, discounts or rewards and recognising their custom came a close second and third respectively.

Linking this localised and targeted engagement to wider online marketing efforts also increases the reach of promotions or rewards. Indeed, it is essential for you to decide what role mobile offers should play in your direct marketing engagement, considering that receiving online offers or promotions to redeem later was the top online shopping activity among 36% of consumers, followed by price comparison (33%).

3. Sales are not the only measure of success in mobile engagement

If you can’t prompt an immediate sale through your mobile interactions based on factors such location and time of year or day, then there’s still a lot of other ways to leverage mobile engagement to drive footfall and boost sales. For example, by asking the recipient to join your SMS or email marketing list, you could significantly reduce the cost of marketing to them in the future. Similarly, asking them to follow you on social media could create a two-way, open line of communication you can use to generate ongoing sales. 

Drive sales to your food and beverage business

The SaaS-based Eagle Eye AIR platform allows you to create intelligent, real-time connections with your customers through mobile promotion solutions. The Nicholson’s Pubs app, for example, engages customers with rewards and offers, a digital wallet function and unique ‘Ale Trails’ of London and ‘Ale Finder’.

Find out how we can help you create a connection with your customers, and drive mobile app engagement that can boost sales and frequency like we do for Nicholson’s Pubs and others by getting in touch with our team.