Why your customer rewards program needs an omnichannel approach

The numbers of channels which customer use to engage with your business are ever expanding, and they expect a seamless customer experience between digital and offline channels

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The number of channels which customers use to engage with your business are ever expanding, and customers expect a seamless experience between digital and offline channels. Using an omni channel approach to develop your customer rewards program can enrich customer experience and create a more intuitive customer journey. With customers split fairly evenly on how they want to receive offers (our research suggests 58% of all consumers want to receive digital-only), it’s important that businesses join up the dots and utilise a seamless approach which can appeal to all their customers.

Your customers live omni channel lives

Whatever sector your business operates in, your customers will have at least one thing in common – they already live an omni channel lifestyle. Our research shows a dominating consumer preference for communication through digital channels, throughout all age groups surveyed. A recent survey by Ofcom reveals that 70% of UK adults now carry smartphones, using them dozens of times per day.  Your customers are using a huge range of channels and devices to access information, whether it’s a smart TV, a tablet, a smart phone or a desktop computer, and your rewards program needs to reflect that.

Driving engagement with omni channel loyalty programs

Customer engagement is one of the most important factors driving loyalty. In order to efficiently and effectively drive engagement, your loyalty program must better understand your customers. Customers typically use multiple identities - usernames, email addresses, telephone numbers - when interacting with your business, so how do you identify individuals?
A single customer view helps you follow your customers throughout their journey, reporting on all major interactions in order to provide a platform for personalisation marketing. Having a single customer view is the basis of any omni channel loyalty rewards program, offering the opportunity for real time monitoring on issuance and redemption across all channels. But what does having an omni channel loyalty program mean in practice?
Omni channel issuance: Awards points or vouchers are issued across multiple channels, whether it’s on site, instore, or in app.
- Omni channel redemption: Customers can redeem their reward points or vouchers at their chosen touchpoint and channel.
Ultimately, an omni channel system needs to deliver the right content to the right customers at the right time through personalisation marketing. Whether you’re looking to increase acquisition and retention, optimise engagement or drive footfall, the benefits of implementing a successful customer reward scheme are multi-fold.

How you can implement an omni channel loyalty rewards program

Implementing an omni channel customer rewards program is easier than you might think. To effectively achieve a single customer view, you need a system that allows you to track, and monitor your customers in real time. Eagle Eye AIR works with your CRM or customer data platform to provide real time data on transactions, whilst offering easy-to-implement components for your customer engagement model. Find out how Eagle Eye AIR can help your business adopt an omni channel customer rewards scheme.