Only Connect: 3 Ways to Win at Personalisation Marketing

“The more personalised you are the less economic effort you need to modify behaviour,” said Eagle Eye’s Tim Mason at their latest Digital Connect event.

“The more personalised you are the less economic effort you need to modify behaviour,” said Eagle Eye’s Tim Mason at their latest Digital Connect event. Personalisation marketing is about relevancy, convenience and, ultimately, connection. Digital connection enables:

  • Loyalty in a new way

  • Direct performance marketing

  • Data to run business better


Making Connections through Loyalty

“Only connect! That was the whole of her sermon. Only connect the prose and the passion and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its height” – E.M. Forster, Howard’s End

Forster knew the significance of human connection back in 1910. Just like prose and passion, loyalty today can be both functional and emotional.

  • Functional loyalty is shopping frequency; the amount of times a shopper visits your store, dines at your restaurant, and the number of items they buy.

  • Emotional loyalty is concerned with shopper sentiment; how a shopper feels about visiting your store and the experiences they have during their journey to purchase.

Data connection is the marrying up of functional loyalty and emotional loyalty to create meaningful personalised experiences. In utilising customer data you can build up a complete profile of shopper habits and preferences at an individual level, then distribute unique individual offers to stay ahead of the competition.

“A customer is more likely to develop emotional and functional loyalty when receiving offers which positively impact and improve their shopping experience. Businesses need to show commitment to knowing their customers better than any competitor,” says Tim Mason.


Direct Performance Marketing and the Mobile Makeover

Today there’s an ever-growing number of touchpoints through which customers engage with businesses. Eagle Eye research shows a clear consumer preference for digital channels (email, mobile, social media) with email standing out as the most popular channel. While different channels may resonate with different age groups, businesses need to be mobile literate to keep up with ever-evolving habits.

Completing a mobile makeover means digitally upgrading the physical fabric of your store or restaurant, usually at a far more cost-effective rate than a physical refit. Digital enablement and data collection work hand-in-hand to personalise the shopping experience.

One of the first stores to have a mobile makeover was Walmart in the USA. Outside of the store the Walmart app functions as a normal app; inside the store the app becomes an in-store guide personalised to each individual location thanks to Wi-Fi and beacon technology. Scan and shop functionality meanwhile puts Walmart on its way to altogether replacing the till with mobile.

At the same time augmented reality technology enables tailored promotions to be delivered to your customer’s mobile phone as they explore your store. Imagine being served recipe suggestions to your mobile while grocery shopping, or receiving a promotion for an item you’ve just run out of. This level of personalisation marketing is exactly what you can accomplish with Eagle Eye’s campaign manager technology.


Using Customer Data to Improve Business

Retailers and restaurants must realise the potential of timely temptations as both a weapon and a threat. According to Eagle Eye data only 8% of consumers are loyal to specific brands while 79% of consumers are open to trying new brands if they are on offer.

“Once you know a customer, you can incentivise them to modify their shopping habits and drive basket spend. Too much investment is usually lost on rewarding rather than changing behaviour,” says Mason. “Data insight gives you control over that balance, allowing you to understand where to set a relevant threshold and discover what a customer considers a suitable incentive to spend more.”

Although targeted marketing is taking hold at different rates across different channels and industries, one thing is resoundingly clear – digital is the future of personalisation marketing. Find out more by downloading our personalisation research and get started with augmenting your customer data with Eagle Eye AIR.