black friday 2017 trends for marketers

81% of UK consumers intend to shop this Black Friday. Find out how to make the most of emerging Black Friday trends to drive sales and advocate loyalty.

An impressive 81% of UK consumers intend to shop this Black Friday – compared to just 22% who anticipated getting involved last year and 30% who were on the fence says Periscope by McKinsey. Appetite for Black Friday deals in the UK could even be greater than that of the US, with just 44% of US consumers intending to shop. So how can you make the most of emerging Black Friday trends to drive sales and advocate loyalty?



Last year almost 40% of sales that used to occur in physical stores took place on a mobile device on Black Friday. And mobile will form half of the total £20bn spent online in November, which will see it overtake December as the biggest shopping month of the year (Salmon).

Make the most of mobile with our top tactics.

  1. Create rich push notifications and in-app messages with video, imagery, and sounds to help your messages stand out from the crowd and drive footfall. Deliver dialogue using a combination of messaging, templates, keywords and short codes to improve response and conversion rate with our digital messaging platform.

  2. Join up mobile with the in-store experience by utilising location-based marketing and push notifications to remind users about special offers as they interact with your business. Deliver promotions, offers and rewards in real-time to drive in-store footfall and increase sales using Eagle Eye Engage.

  3. Generate unique single or multi-use mobile coupon codes in unlimited formats and collect consumer and redemption data in real-time to inform future promotions that truly resonate.



Although brick-and-mortar locations will see less footfall we anticipate a trend for shoppers to dip into all channels. Research by McKinsey reveals 31% of consumers are planning to conduct their Black Friday shopping activities both in-store and online, compared to just 11% in 2016. The message is clear: it’s more important than ever to get multi-channel marketing right.

According to the Forrester 2017 Holiday Outlook report “online shoppers research and shop interchangeably between digital touch points and stores, underscoring the importance (and complexity) of delivering great experiences across a growing constellation of touchpoints.”

Join up your marketing efforts with our multichannel tips.

  1. Serve consistent messaging across all channels. According to Eagle Eye research 57% of consumers have noticed a disparity in the promotions they see online compared to those they see in-store, suggesting a disconnect between the online and offline customer experience.

  2. Align your data. If a customer abandons their basket online and then visits your store you can target them with SMS or push notifications with coupons towards the products they abandoned online. Tip: Connect your CRM with digital messaging software like Eagle Eye Engage to create personalised promotions based on customer behaviour.

  3. Invest in a single view of online and offline customer activity across multiple channels. With a single customer view you can make data-guided decisions to create hyper-relevant promotions, rewards, vouchers and offers.


Making Black Friday evergreen

The top motivating factor for shopping this Black Friday is getting enticing offers not available at other times of the year, followed by steep discounting (McKinsey). Stretching your campaigns from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday may give your users more time to take advantage of what you have to offer. But we argue that fantastic promotions aren’t just for Black Friday or Christmas and should be deployed effectively all year round.

Black Friday promotions are available to anyone and generic by their very nature. According to our research 24% of 18-24-year-olds are turned off by excessive and generic communications, and we believe your promotions should work harder to truly resonate and, in turn, build consumer loyalty.

Capture customer interest all year round with the help of digital promotions software that allows you to analyse customer basket data to deliver personalised coupons at the right time and using the right channel.