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4 ways to improve your customer acquisition strategy

Attracting new customers is a principal concern for most businesses, no matter what sector you work in, with many preferring to acquire new customers above retaining existing ones.

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Attracting new customers is a principal concern for most businesses, no matter what sector you work in, with many preferring to acquire new customers above retaining existing ones. Here at Eagle Eye we work with some of the UK’s top tier 1s in the Retail, Food & Beverage and Food Services sectors, so we understand the pressures businesses face in attracting new customers. Here are 4 ways you can improve your customer acquisition strategy:

Drive engagement

Driving engagement is a key element in improving your customer acquisition. Customers rarely purchase your goods or services the first time they visit your store or website, unless they’re fully engaged with your brand beforehand.

Attracting new customers is easy when you already have an established relationship, and the quality of the customer journey so far will often affect the likelihood of a purchase. To create a seamless and valuable customer journey, you first have to identify the customer journey touch points and pain points. The easiest way to establish these is to talk to your existing customers and develop distinct and accurate customer personas and customer goals. You can then use this information to match your company’s values to the values of your consumers.

Educate your prospects

In the days of Google, it’s rare for a customer not to research your product or service before they buy it. Instead of using your sales team to persuade your prospects, you should use them to educate your prospects instead. In sharing information and becoming a thought-leader in your industry, you become a trusted advocate in the eyes of your potential customers.

There are numerous ways you can help establish your brand as an industry authority and boost customer acquisition – whether it’s writing regular whitepapers and thought-leadership pieces, or holding product-based webinars.

Develop key partnerships

With growing competition in sectors such as retail and food & beverage, it’s becoming increasingly important to develop relationships with other businesses to attract new customers. In developing key partnerships with the right companies, you can considerably increase your market share as well as attract new customers. A great example is the taxi app brand Uber and music-streaming brand Spotify recently teaming up to offer customers the opportunity to hear their favourite playlist when travelling in an Uber taxi. This offers extra value to customers, whilst advertising Spotify’s products to a prime target audience.

Re-engage lapsed-prospects

Re-engaging with lapsed prospects or lapsed customers is another great way of attracting customers to your business. Here at Eagle Eye, we recently worked with IMO, the world’s largest car-wash company, to re-engage with prospects who’d failed to redeem mobile coupons. Using the Eagle Eye AIR platform, IMO conducted SMS-coupon campaigns, offering the audience an opportunity to redeem free services. The campaign was a huge success, re-engaging with 4,247 lapsed prospects and customers, with 62% of the audience engaging with the campaign multiple times.
Find out more about how Eagle Eye AIR can help your business attract new customers and drive revenue with a lapsed customer campaign and get in touch today.