Eagle Eye Promote

Looking to drive in-store footfall, increase sales, spend and loyalty? Create, build and manage multi-channel digital promotions, offers and coupon campaigns with Eagle Eye Promote.

Generate unique codes

Promote generates unique single or multi-use codes in unlimited formats which are then validated and redeemed securely in real-time via multiple channels including online, mobile, self-checkout and Point of Sale (PoS).

Define parameters, such as how many times a coupon can be redeemed, geographic locations, time-scales and many other variables.

Reporting in real-time

With our digital promotions platform your data is delivered in real-time to external systems, such as your CRM, to enable the detailed analysis of shopper and consumer behaviour.

In providing a single customer view, Eagle Eye Promote can help you drive further consumer activity, footfall, revenue, along with customer loyalty.

Monitor campaign success

Say goodbye to traditional expensive, labour-intensive manual processes by going digital. Promote provides the secure, real-time counting and reconciliation of your coupons and makes life easier when it comes to calculating ROI and reduces the risk of fraud, mal- redemption and mis-redemption. We can also support paper promotions if you require as it’s the real-time validation at the till which provides you with the real benefits.

The benefits of Eagle Eye Promote

eliminate coupon fraud

Eliminate fraud and mal-redemption:

  • Protection against codes being used multiple times
  • Assurance that only qualifying products are being purchased against coupons

Reduce operational costs:

  • Real-time shopper and consumer data and reporting
  • Electronic coupon counting and reconciliation
increase loyalty

Improve campaign success and customer loyalty:

  • Better understanding of customers
  • Real-time distribution of offer codes
  • Compatibility with Engage for effective messaging

You can download our guide to Promote, along with further product information to discover how your business will benefit.

Case Study - Coca-Cola

Coke wanted to run a campaign that would enable consumers to claim a free 500ml bottle of its Coke Zero product. Utilising our network, Coke was able to set up a campaign where it could choose the distribution mechanism for the offer (i.e. SMS or email) and the retailers where it could be redeemed, namely One Stop and Greggs.


  • Drive adoption and customer engagement
  • Leverage social media and sharing
  • Track media effectiveness


  • Eagle Eye developed microsite
  • Leveraged existing Eagle Eye network
  • Redemption Partners – Greggs, One Stop outlets nationwide
  • Issuance channels – Mobile inserts, Mobile gaming rewards, Twitter, Facebook, Coke Zone


  • Increased rate over time as media channels optimised
  • Inherent viral effect from sharing
  • Issued – 204,025
  • Redeemed – 50,991
  • Redemption rate – 25%