Eagle Eye Gift

Whether you prefer digital or plastic, setting up and monitoring gift card programmes is easy with Eagle Eye Gift.

Gift digital cards
Gift digital cards
Gift digital cards

1.    Create configure and manage gift card programs and distribute them through any channel you like, or multiple channels

2.    Load and issue eGift vouchers or plastic vouchers in real-time – at the till or online

3.   Export real-time data to external systems (CRM) to provide opportunity for analysis of consumer behaviour


  • Restrict gift vouchers to certain products or apply limits
  • Give consumers access to a branded gift voucher site
  • Enhance customer relations with eGifts as goodwill
  • Support for customer care & staff incentive programs
  • Real-time view of financial liability associated with programs
  • Real-time validation and burning of gift voucher codes


  • Retain existing customers and attract new ones through friend recommendations
  • Handle customer complaints whilst keeping the spend in your store
  • Increase consumer spend when using gift vouchers
  • Improve efficiency of programme management
  • Reduce fraud
  • Connect to other business

You can download our guide to Gift, along with further product information to discover more about how your business will benefit.

Case Study - Thomas Pink

Thomas Pink is a leading luxury clothing business started in 1984, part of the LVMH group, with 90 stores around the world. Thomas Pink needed a platform that would enable them to deliver and redeem gift cards through both online and in-store channels, across global regions.


  • Eliminate voucher fraud
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Reduce operational costs


  • Ability to purchase digital vouchers online for anyone
  • Unique gift codes via SMS or email instantaneously or at a future date
  • Vouchers can be fully or partially redeemed online or in-store


  • Cost savings
  • High adoption rates of digital vouchers
  • Aids to delivering a superior customer experience
  • Enabling omni-channel move