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Pets at Home implement our digital promotions platform

Pets at Home implement our digital promotions platform

Pets at Home have implemented a new digital promotions and engagement platform, providing online and in-store digital issuance & redemption of coupons, vouchers as well as a deliver to store service.

London, XX June 2014, Pets at Home, the UK’s leading pet care retailer, today announces the launch of their new digital platform from Eagle Eye, available across all of its UK outlets and online. “Eagle Eye, the UK market leader in digital consumer engagement, is a pioneering multi-patented transaction software platform, supporting real-time, multi-channel digital offers, payments and rewards. Eagle Eye is fully integrated into the existing Point of Sale systems provided by BT Expedite.”

In order to enhance the current loyalty scheme and offer customers an integrated online and in store solution Pets at Home implemented our core services to enable multichannel customer engagement. This included digitising redemption offerings within their already successful VIP (Very Important Pets) programme as well as implementing a deliver to store service which allows Pets at Home customers to opt to collect a product in store when shopping online.

Pets at Home launched their VIP programme in November 2012, working with GI Insight to run successful segmentation marketing campaigns. The implementation of Eagle Eye AIR allows them to enhance the current loyalty programme by enabling specific groups and tiers of targeting to be created, allowing for offers to be tested, tracked and changed accordingly. It enables Pets at Home to identify which offers are most successful and to easily report back on redemption rates. By replacing the original paper coupons and plastic gift cards Pets at Home will reduce operational costs and eliminate fraud whilst using the customer insight to target their customers with personalised offers , increasing loyalty and footfall in to store.

To ensure multichannel engagement our award winning Eagle Eye AIR platform also allows online orders that are delivered and collected from store, to be tracked. When an order is delivered to store a staff member can scan the parcel’s delivery token which automates a SMS to be sent straight to the customer to notify them that their delivery is ready for pick up. Once in store the customer presents the SMS barcode at the point of sale and in turn collects their delivery.

The new platform enables Pets at Home to offer their customers a secure multichannel shopping experience, providing shoppers with the flexibility to receive and redeem offers via the channel that suits them.

Gavin Hawthorn, Head of VIP at Pets at Home commented “The launch of our new digital platform from Eagle Eye will allow us to provide our customers with an improved shopping experience connecting our online and in-store offerings. This will mean that we can track shopper behaviour and ensure that our customers are getting the best possible service as well as offers that are truly relevant to them and their pets.”

Andy Smith, Client Services Director, Eagle Eye Solutions “The implementation of Eagle Eye AIR means that Pets at Home can now digitally engage with their customers through multiple channels. The digital platform not only allows them to gain a better understanding of customer behaviour it also provides significant business benefits including reduced operational costs and the removal of fraudulent transactions.”