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Audience partners

Online coupons made easy

Reach new audiences through our partner network or become a partner to work with the UKs leading retail and food and beverage merchants

For merchants, we provide access to an extensive network of pre-integrated audience, marketing and technology partners who can help you drive acquisition and footfall, as well as spend for online coupons. We can also engage existing or planned partners, making it easy for you to manage all your promotional activity with one central platform, vastly reducing valuable operational time and cost.

Our audience partners

Our growing network of partners

• Large consumer audience providers
• National membership groups
• Performance marketing companies
• Specialist marketing partners serving the food & beverage, grocery and retail sectors
• Technology enablers, including digital wallet and payment service providers

Relish the opportunity

Our extensive APIs make it easy for issuance partners to issue unique offers and online coupons from merchants, as well as measure real time performance and redemptions. This allows you to run promotions with greater flexibility whilst providing the opportunity for scaling your promotion as required.
For brands seeking new ways to drive and measure ROI in their marketing budget, eagle eye offers a comprehensive solution. Our digital marketing platform offers retailers the opportunity to deliver targeted rewards in real time, with instantaneous campaign reporting and performance monitoring, whilst preventing coupon fraud.

What consumers get

• Broader awareness of retailers and merchants
• Opportunity to perceptively save money on discretionary spend with online coupons
• Access to new product types through sampling opportunities

What merchants get

• Access to mass market and niche audiences to increase customer acquisition
• Accurate data in respect to campaign activity
• Reduction in coupon fraud for online coupons
• Behavioural data offering insight around typical promotional triggers and usage
• Understanding of the most effective audience types in relation to business objectives (i.e. revenue, margin, capacity utilisation etc.)
• Option to work on a pay-for-performance basis with audience partners

Key issues and how we address them

No brand awareness?

No brand awareness?

We give brands the opportunity to access both mass markets and niche audiences in order to promote their business and grow customer acquisition.

No real-time data on campaign efficiency

No real-time data on campaign efficiency

See how many people you send through the door - in real-time. We provide data and insights so you can measure the impact of each marketing channels.

Fraudulent coupon redemption

Fraudulent coupon redemption

We remove manual, paper-based processes so you can track and manage online coupons more efficiently and reduce coupon fraud

Find out more about becoming a partner or working with one or more of our current partners

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