Mobile Coupon Redemption

Our platform Eagle Eye AIR allows you to create unique, single or multi-use codes to increase the number of coupons redeemed by your customers, by eliminating coupon fraud and enabling targeting and personalisation. Find out more now. We specialise in:

Single or multi-use coupon codes
Secure validation and redemption
Eliminate coupon fraud
Electronic coupon counting and reconciliation

Single or multi-use coupon codes in unlimited formats

Secure validation and redemption, whether online, mobile, self-checkout or Point of Sale (PoS) in real-time

Protection against coupon fraud and codes being misused or abused

Electronic coupon counting and reconciliation

How can Eagle Eye help?

With Eagle Eye AIR you can define how many times a coupon can be redeemed, as well as geographic locations, time scales and more in real-time whilst your promotional campaigns are live. In promoting and processing coupons effectively, Eagle Eye’s coupon redemption software increases customer satisfaction, loyalty and campaign success.

What is redemption rate?

Redemption rate is calculated by the number of coupons, vouchers, rewards or promotions issued divided by the number of coupons, vouchers, rewards or promotions redeemed, whether online or at the till.

As an example; if you issue 100 coupons and 40 are redeemed, that’s a 40% redemption rate.

What are standard coupon redemption rates?

These vary based on the brand, industry and promotion. Mobile coupon redemption rates are typically 10% higher than paper coupons, while retailers who combine email with SMS usually see an increase between 15% and 25%.

With Eagle Eye AIR you can promote your coupon campaigns across multiple channels (email, SMS, push notification) with smart digital messaging.