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M&B drive loyalty during the Euro’s 2016 through gamification

M&B drive loyalty during the Euro’s 2016 through gamification

Mitchell’s and Butlers have partnered with 3radical to create an interactive bingo-based experience for football fans during the Euro 2016 tournament, to attract new customers, as well as drive loyalty and sales through their Green Card app.

Consumers can access the virtual bingo game through the Green Card app, available on iOS and Android smartphones, which we were pleased to be a part of developing in September 2015.

M&B is using the new technology, leading with a virtual bingo card game, to engage its customers in a fun and interactive way – combining, mobile and social experiences across its brands.

When a user clicks to play, they will receive a unique QR code generated in real-time through our AIR platform; once scanned at the till in an outlet, squares are unlocked on the bingo card with the flags of the two teams playing at that time. After a a line, row or full card of flags is unlocked players are then sent a reward voucher for a free beer with a main course which is saved within the wallet within the Green Card app.

For more information on how to drive loyalty, footfall and sales through apps visit our Eagle Eye Reward page.