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Loblaw Contract Update

Loblaw Contract Update

Pleased to share that on 8th November 2017 Loblaw announced it will be merging two of Canada’s most popular loyalty programs into one, PC Optimum. This will link analogue and digital channels together through one card, one app and one currency.

The Eagle Eye AIR platform sits at the heart of the PC Optimum loyalty platform and is integrated with Loblaw’s channels and systems, enabling a single customer view. Eagle Eye AIR will enable omni-issuance and omni-redemption, allowing customers to receive loyalty offers through their preferred channels.

The PC Optimum programme is scheduled to go live on 1 February 2018, at which time the Eagle Eye AIR platform will be supporting all loyalty interactions for Loblaw supermarkets, Shoppers Drug Mart locations, PCF Financial bank services and online.

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