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The importance around knowing your consumers and what they want and from here being able to target them with personalised messages and promotions is extremely valuable and essential to growing revenue, loyalty, sales and footfall for your business. From here you ability to gather essential consumer data and insights enables a single customer view. Understanding the statistics and research around these areas is key to understanding their power.

We work with some of the industries leading marketing, reporting and research bodies to provide research and reports around the digital promotions, coupons, vouchers, digital marketing, personalisation and customer loyalty areas, to reinforce their importance and value with the retail, grocery and hospitality industries.

Shifting Loyalties in Canada

A Study of the Canadian Loyalty Landscape: What Can Brands and Retailers Expect?

Through our survey conducted in association with Ipsos, we find that new approaches in data, personalization, and mobile engagement are needed to improve retailers and brands’ relationships with their customers.

Personalisation: Beyond a Name

Our research exploring consumer expectations around personalisation

We’ve commissioned research to explore consumer expectations around personalisation and data collection to enable better customer experiences.

Great Expectations: The Connected Customer

Our research exploring customer experience and expectations

We’ve commissioned research to explore what consumers really want and expect from retailers and restaurants to enable better customer experiences, through digital enablement.

Reload your Loyalty: Do you even know your consumers?

Our own research exploring loyalty

reload your loyalty - do you even know your consumersWe’ve commissioned our own research with YouGov, to explore the world of consumer loyalty, what it means and what the consumer really expects.

Digital Promotions: Understanding the opportunity

In association with Juniper Research

juniper 2

An insight into the importance of digital promotions including advice on best practices, the constraints experienced by traditional solutions and evolutions.

Coupons: Personalisation goes Hyper

A follow up to Junipers Mobile & Online Coupons Report


Juniper have released their latest report around Mobile & Online Coupons which we are proud to be part of. This whitepaper gives an overview of the key themes covered.