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Here you will find regularly updated information on Eagle Eye’s AIM securities and our most significant shareholders

AIM securities

Number of AIM securities in issue: (as at 16th September 2020) 25,735,455.
There are no shares held in treasury.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the company’s AIM securities.

As at 16th September 2020, 29.9% of the Ordinary Share capital is deemed to be not in public hands.

Shareholder information

Significant Shareholders (at 16th September 2020)
The following individuals and institutions are significant shareholders in the Group:

Shareholder Number of shares Total share%
William Currie* 3,413,322 13.26
Sir Terry Leahy* 2,420,970 9.41
Stonehage Fleming Investment Limited 2,063,001 8.02
Andrew Sutcliffe* 2,032,158 7.90
Hargreave Hale Limited 1,679,667 6.53
Christopher Gorell Barnes 1,531,866 5.95
Steve Rothwell 1,511,672 5.87
Julian Reiter 1,342,390 5.22
Timothy Miller 872,975 3.39
Edward Pippin 855,000 3.32

*Includes immediate family