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TESCO Clubcard

As a grocery market leader in the UK, Tesco’s Clubcard loyalty card scheme is well known in most households. Since launching in 1995, the Tesco’s flagship loyalty scheme has accumulated over 17 million members and is regarded as one of the most successful and best-in-class loyalty schemes in retail.

Case Study image

The challenge

Tesco sought to reduce the operational costs associated with issuing the paper Clubcard coupons to customers, while improving the management efficiencies of the Clubcard service itself. In addition, Tesco wanted to simplify the customer experience, engage with customers through a digital channel, and allow customers to exchange their Clubcard points for vouchers redeemable at partnering restaurants and stores.

the solution

By partnering with eagle eye and utilising the AIR platform, Tesco were given the opportunity to digitise the rewards system for over 17 million Clubcard members.

Customers are now able to exchange their Clubcard points for unique coupon codes, redeemable immediately at partnering restaurants and stores including Pizza Express, Prezzo and Zizzi. Unique coupon codes are automatically generated, and digital vouchers sent via personalised, branded emails, enabling customers to use their reward immediately from their smartphone. This simplifies the customer experience, and enhances brand engagement, while the unique coupon codes ensure the elimination of voucher mal-redemption.

Case Study image

the result

Voucher issuance time has been dramatically reduced from five days to two hours, improving customer engagement and likelihood of voucher redemption. Tesco has considerably reduced the operational costs associated with producing and issuing the paper Clubcard vouchers. In addition, by offering more targeted and personalised offers and rewards, Clubcard has delivered an enriched user experience thereby improving customer satisfaction and boosting brand loyalty.

The benefits

• Reduced operational costs associated with paper based couponing
• Simplified and enhanced customer experience
• Elimination of voucher mal-redemption through unique coupon codes
• 90% switch to email coupons within six months of launch



switch to email issued vouchers within first six months of launch


redemptions per month