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United Kingdom
Phone no: 0844 824 3686

Head Office:
31 Chertsey Street,
Surrey, GU1 4HD

Digital World Centre,
1 Lowry Plaza, The Quays,
Manchester M50 3UB

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Founded in 1999, Strada is a privately-owned UK chain of branded restaurants specialising in Italian cuisine. It uses the Eagle Eye AIR platform to manage its digital promotions and offers. As a contemporary brand, serving simple, freshly prepared dishes using the finest and freshest ingredients, Strada was seeking to improve the customer experience of receiving and redeeming offers.

Changing consumers tastes

Alice Woodhead, Brand Manager, Strada, observed: “I would definitely  say one of the biggest challenges for our industry on the horizon at the moment is the decline of large-scale restaurant chains.

“Consumers are tending to go to independent or more local restaurants, rather than going to the big names. So, we have to keep up with our guests’ changing needs.”

She continued: “We’ve used Eagle Eye to overcome these challenges.” Strada has used the AIR platform to issue, manage and track promotional codes sent out via email.

“That way, we can see where our customers use them, in terms of their location and buying habits, to get an overall picture of what our guests’ needs are moving forward,” she added.

Alice also reported that the customer insight data generated from this activity helped Strada to understand what did or didn’t work from a promotional point of view.
“Before, ten years ago, the promotional landscape was very discount-led, whereas now customers go for different styles of offers and not just a percentage off, and they’re also spending differently.”

Capitalising on the shift to digital

Alice continued: “The thing that excites me with the move to digital promotions with Eagle Eye is that there are so many opportunities. There are so many different ways you can use digital delivery.

“There is the ability to get to a much broader spectrum of customers – not just those that come into our restaurants – especially with our new branding and the changes that we’re seeing in the industry.

“So, Eagle Eye is definitely a great platform for us to spread awareness of our promotions and drive traffic from new and existing customers to Strada restaurants.”

The solution also helped to improve the customer experience. “Our customers responded to the solution very well,” she said.

“Everyone has their phone on hand all of the time. It’s much easier to just show a code or digital voucher, rather than having to print something off at home and bring it in, or be worried about losing it.

“They can download an offer even if they forgot their paper coupon. So, our customers were definitely on board with the solution.”

Building for the future

“2019 is really exciting for Strada,” Alice added. “We are focusing on highlighting the quality and provenance of our products and creating bespoke and personalised experiences for our guests.

“So, we’re looking at all of the other options that Eagle Eye offer: not just coupon codes and vouchers, but also areas including staff rewards, possibly an app, and all of the other different options we can use to broaden the new branding’s reach.”

Alice also commented on what she liked the most about working with the Eagle Eye team: “The team as a whole are super helpful. Whenever I have a question or need advice on how things work, they’re always on hand.

“They’re always eager to give me more advice about what other solutions they offer and other programmes we could explore to grow Strada’s business.”