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United Kingdom
Phone no: 0844 824 3686

Head Office:
31 Chertsey Street,
Surrey, GU1 4HD

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IMO Car Wash

As the largest, dedicated car wash company in the world, IMO operate over 900 washes across 14 countries. With over half a century in the business, they’ve washed an estimated 900 million cars. Thanks to state-of-the-art conveyor technology, IMO now wash an impressive 35 million cars every year

Case Study image

the challenge

IMO enlisted eagle eye to launch a ‘lapsed customer’ campaign to re-engage with customers who had failed to redeem mobile coupons.

• To increase brand awareness
• To grow engagement
• To boost revenue with a follow-up campaign

the solution

Utilising the data collected in the initial SMS campaign, IMO used the eagle eye AIR platform to launch a ‘lapsed-customer’ mobile marketing campaign, where customers were offered the opportunity to experience a ‘Triple Foam Wash for Half Price’, using a coupon code with one month’s validity.

Customers who redeemed their mobile coupons at an IMO outlet received a further SMS from the eagle eye AIR platform, enrolling them in IMO’s ‘Standard National Campaign’. The follow-up SMS campaign encouraged customers to return to IMO by offering a similar half-price coupon. With each mobile coupon redemption, customers received further coupons by SMS for half-price offers on IMO services, increasing coupon redemption rates and boosting brand engagement with mobile marketing.

Case Study image

the result

By using eagle eye AIR to re-engage with 4,247 of their customers via text message marketing, IMO have increased their coupon redemption rate to an astounding 47%. With 62.7% of customers engaging with the campaign multiple times, the average number of customer visits has risen substantially to 4.5, with hundreds of customers redeeming coupon codes over ten times as part of the promotion.

The campaign has enabled IMO to further engage and re-engage with their wider customer base, significantly increasing footfall and revenues whilst advancing brand awareness.

the benefits

The significant rise in redemption rates resulting from the follow-up campaigns and loyalty promotion show how effective, multiple, targeted text message marketing can re-engage customers and increase revenue. In re-engaging customers using eagle eye AIR to offer mobile coupons, IMO were able to automate the mobile marketing campaign and manage redemption information in real-time.

• Ability to capitalise on existing customer data with a digitalised campaign
• Re-engagement with lapsed and existing customers
• Increased redemption rate and footfall
• Greater engagement with customer base