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Hilton Worldwide

Hilton goes digital to streamline Clubcard redemptions

Founded by Conrad Hilton in 1919, today Hilton is a multinational hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and resorts. It recently digitised a key partner promotion with Eagle Eye. Hilton has a long-standing partnership with Tesco Clubcard, the popular loyalty scheme run by one of the UK’s largest grocery retailers that allows some 16 million Clubcard shoppers to convert points earned while shopping into hotel stays.

Addressing the business challenge

The partnership has been successful in promoting the Hilton brand. But the process of managing Clubcard voucher redemptions and hotel bookings was manually intensive and time-consuming, so needed updating.

Rona Gibson, Partnerships Manager, Hilton Europe, Middle East and Africa, explained: “Hilton has a growing estate of approximately 5,500 properties worldwide, across 14 hotel brands.”

But she added that, just like many businesses, Hilton faces both economic and industry-led challenges. “Competition is a major challenge,” she said, “from other hotel companies represented around the world.

“Otherwise, the challenges we face are reflected by what’s happening in the global economy in general,” she added. “The situation with Brexit could be challenging for a lot of our meeting space opportunities, where a company may be unsure whether to book a conference in one of our UK properties, for example.”

As part of strategic efforts to deliver on its growth goals, Hilton identified an opportunity to streamline the administration of its Tesco Clubcard redemption process and improve the experience it offers members.

Deploying a digital solution

Hilton selected Eagle Eye’s digital marketing capabilities after a recommendation. “Eagle Eye could provide us with a digital product that could free up time and provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for a customer,” said Gibson.

Eagle Eye already works with Clubcard, having helped Tesco digitise Clubcard’s rewards system. “So, we started using Eagle Eye to improve the management of our Tesco Clubcard partnership,” she added.
This involved updating paper-based processes to an online system, which enables members to receive voucher codes via email once they have redeemed their Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

Members can then book their hotel stays directly with Hilton from a dedicated website, and are notified of their Clubcard order confirmation and Hilton voucher code within 30 minutes of spending their vouchers.

Upon receipt, customers simply present their Tesco Clubcard voucher code on arrival at the front desk of the hotel they have booked their stay with. Gibson commented that the new system is “working very well”.

Reaping the strategic rewards

She continued: “The move to digital is exciting because it eradicates a manual system that previously required a team of people to administer Tesco Clubcard redemptions.

“But the most important element is the customer. It excites me that the customer can go online and manage the process of booking their hotel stay through our Tesco Clubcard partnership with Eagle Eye in a matter of seconds, as opposed to it previously sometimes taking over two weeks.”
“Customers’ response to the Eagle Eye solution has been absolutely great. We can see that in our reviews, and [redeeming Clubcard vouchers with Hilton] is a very simple process.”

Gibson added: “Overall, we’re very happy with the product. Working with Eagle Eye has been really great. If there’s anything we ever need Eagle Eye have got a very good and well-structured customer focus.”

“In 2019, we’re looking to continue our work and grow our partnership with Eagle Eye, including via other avenues where we can increase our revenue output,” she concluded.