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Why you need a Single Customer View in the wake of GDPR

The problem with customer data is that it’s inarticulate and siloed, with the customer bearing the brunt. A hard-hitting survey found that 92% do not understand how their personal information is used and 57% do not trust companies to handle their data responsibly. So how can you collect data responsibly before the application of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Poor Customer Data = Poor Customer Experience

Without properly leveraging shopper data it’s impossible to create digital promotions that resonate. And if you’re not using customer data to create relevant promotions you’re missing a trick. According to our latest loyalty whitepaper 25% of consumers quit using loyalty programs due to a lack of personalisation.

On joining your loyalty program customers opt in to give away some level of data immediately, with 89% of members going on to provide additional information based on their preferences. Meanwhile nearly 100% of consumers would share personal details in exchange for cash rewards; 89% for discounts; and 65% for services and products according to a 2015 survey.

What even are the GDPR Guidelines?

In a nutshell, the new GDPR guidelines relate to:

  • Correcting inaccurate records you may have shared with third parties
  • Consumer rights to access the information you hold about them
  • Your legal obligations for processing personal data
  • Consent to collect, retain and use personal data
  • Procedures for detecting, reporting and investigating a personal data breach

While the guidelines apply to countries within the European Union, any businesses that hope to trade with EU countries will still need to conform to these data protection laws.

With repercussions for any company which fails to comply, a Single Customer View can help you stay on top of the guidelines.

How to join up customer data

To gain a Single Customer View and understand each customer journey you need to connect channels and systems. Connected marketing not only results in better customer engagement but builds consumer confidence and trust, says a 2016 Nielsen survey.

With connected promotions software you can create a Single Customer View and gain insights into the online/offline journey to improve the customer experience at the same time. Win win.

Find out more about how to secure a Single Customer View with Eagle Eye and get in touch for tailored advice today.