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Why Black Friday Marketing shouldn’t be like a one night stand

Black Friday is one of the most profitable days of the year for many retailers. But the tactics deployed in your Black Friday promotions shouldn’t be the ingredients of a quick fling. Like any well-kept relationship, shopper marketing requires regular communication and displays of appreciation. So how can you use digital promotions all year round to make every day more like Black Friday?

Get to know your customer

Black Friday promotions are available to anyone crazy enough to leave the house. But that doesn’t mean these deals truly resonate. Capture customer interest all year round with the help of software that allows you to analyse customer basket data to deliver personalised coupons at the right time and using the right channel. Find out more about engaging customers when they’re most responsive with Eagle Eye Engage.

Tactic: Drive sales by making consumers aware of current offers on products they have previously shown interest in, or purchased before.

Send meaningful messages

You got what you wanted on Black Friday, now continue to court your customers with timely, personalised messages. Deliver promotions, offers and rewards via their preferred channel in real-time to drive in-store footfall and increase sales.

Tactic: Want to really sweep customers off their feet? Create location-based triggers to engage with your customers as they interact with your business.

Prove your loyalty

Don’t keep your loyalty program in your back pocket. The holidays are a great time to get new shoppers through the door and encourage them to sign up to your program – but can you do more loyalty marketing all year round?

Tactic: Use multi-channel communications as part of your Black Friday promotions plan and beyond. This will provide your customer with more choice and to increase their engagement.

Monitor campaign performance in real-time

Still reporting on campaign success once the campaign is over? With real-time reporting you can quickly see areas of success or weakness and adapt to drive higher conversion rates on Black Friday and beyond. At the same time you can connect your CRM system to trigger reward promotions, cashback and gift vouchers via preferred consumer channels.

Want to build lasting customer relationships with digital promotions? Speak to us about Eagle Eye AIR for your business.