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UK Consumers more Receptive than ever to Mobile Payments, Loyalty & Coupons

The majority of US and UK consumers (54%) have now used a mobile wallet, new customer loyalty research reveals. 60% have used a mobile wallet to benefit from customer loyalty schemes and 67% would like to.

53% of consumers have used mobile coupons and 62% would like to. 22% have made a mobile credit card payment and 57% want to do so, while 16% have used digital gift cards and 39% would like to be given this option.

73% of those surveyed are also more likely to join a customer loyalty schemes if points and rewards are automatically updated and digitally visible. Expiration reminders are also flagged as an incentive for increasing redemption, with 64% stating they are more likely to make use of the coupon if reminded to use it.

Marketing to Millennials

After websites, email and SMS, mobile wallets are the fourth most popular way consumers would like to be alerted to digital promotions. For millennials, mobile wallets have displaced SMS due to their dynamic engagement and reminder functionality.

Consumers want relevant, personalised content seamlessly and increasingly expect to be addressed by a company with one voice. Every channel needs to effortlessly “talk” to the other and be aware of the same customer experience. You can achieve this with digital messaging that’s synced with your CRM system to deliver promotions, offers and rewards via their preferred channel in real-time.

Going Mobile

94% of smartphone users that currently use a mobile wallet said they are likely to save personalized mobile wallet offers and coupons, and 82% agree that digital coupons are much more convenient than their paper counterparts (Vibes).

Furthermore 69% of consumers are more likely to use a customer loyalty scheme if it’s mobile, according to a new survey. Looking for advice on digitising your loyalty program? Read 5 Reasons why your Consumer Loyalty Program Needs to be Mobile.

Getting started with loyalty and coupons

You can Create, build and manage multi-channel digital promotions, offers and coupon campaigns in one interface with Eagle Eye Promote.

A single customer view gives you a better understanding of your customers and relevant rewards are distributed in real-time. Capture customers with the right message at the right time by teaming Promote with Eagle Eye Engage, our digital messaging platform.

Want a customer loyalty scheme tailored for your business? Get in touch today.