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The Grocer: Make offers and promotions hyper-personal

In days gone by, getting customers into stores revolved around blunderbuss techniques like loss leaders or cut-price essentials. While they drive the top line, promotion strategies need to be more sustainable from a profitability point of view. In the digital age, personalisation adds a new dimension to pricing and promotions.

A typical blanket offer affects customers in three different ways. An offer of £5 off a £50 basket will be wasted on a customer who normally spends £25. If they usually spend £50 this offer simply rewards them for their normal behaviour, but to a customer who usually spends £40 it’s likely to drive £10 of extra sales.

Continue reading Tim Mason’s article in The Grocer, in which he advises on the opportunities for data insight and how this can lead to hyper-personalised promotions, rather than irrelevant blanket offers. Tim also talks about changing consumer behaviour to your advantage, and touches on the bursting potential for hyper-personalised pricing to give brands and retailers a competitive advantage.

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