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Four types of loyal customers you need to know

Your most valuable customers can be identified by four types according to new research from the UK’s Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Meet the four types of loyal customer here and read our tips for appealing to each segment in your loyalty marketing, or view the infographic here.

Active Loyals (43% of the adult population)

Stay loyal to brands for both routine and special purchases. Tend to be both older and younger.

These customers are used to shopping with you so why not collect basket data so you can get to know them a little better? In having insights into what your most valuable customers are buying you can serve personalised coupons that resonate with their needs and desires to keep them coming back.

As these customers can be older or younger, you have a great opportunity to trial different types of promotional messaging. Test email vs. mobile messaging and even A/B test your messages as part of your strategy. With Eagle Eye Engage you can send messages to your customers in real-time via their preferred channel.

Habitual Loyals (23%)

Stay loyal for routine buys but shop around for special purchases. More men than women.

You want to catch the attention of these customers before or during their hunt for special purchase bargains. Consider using location targeting to promote sales messaging when customers are in range of your store, or when they are near (or in!) a competitor’s store.

Don’t forget these customers buy from you routinely, so make offers really personal and gage what they might be looking for with the help of basket data. With Eagle Eye you can export this real-time data to your CRM to analyse consumer behaviour to inform your loyalty marketing.

Situational Loyals (9%)

Flexible for routine buys but loyal for special purchases. Proportion rises to 15% of 16-24 year olds.

If this customer chooses you for special purchases it makes sense to encourage them to visit more regularly. Think unique discount codes given at checkout, with money off their next purchase within a set time-scale. Validate and redeem coupons securely and in-real time online, by mobile, self-checkout or Point of Sale with digital promotions.

Active Disloyals (27%)

Have no brand loyalty. More women than men and more likely to be aged 45-64.

These customers want reasons to be loyal. According to the DMA report, 46% of customers want their favourite brands to offer loyalty programs while 39% want exclusive access to items and deals and 36% want time-sensitive discounts.

Do you have an existing loyalty program and is your loyalty marketing up to scratch? We can supercharge your loyalty proposition and digitise your offline program. Discover Eagle Eye AIR today and get in touch for personalised loyalty recommendations.