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Loyalty is coming to Town: 3 Promotion Ideas to Build Loyalty this Christmas

You’ve written your marketing list but have you checked it twice? Many marketers leave loyalty off the table at Christmas in favour of short-term sales, but the long-term strategy has more rewards. Take note of 3 promotion ideas to bring loyalty home this season.

1. Surprise with Digital Promotions

Make use of location triggers to serve promotions to Christmas shoppers as they interact with your business. As your customer are browsing the aisles they’ll be able to receive and redeem product coupons in real-time. Better still, your customers can be served coupons for use in the New Year to increase sales and drive footfall.

With digital promotions software you can set up location triggers and view the online/offline customer journey to create incentives for customers to visit more frequently or increase spend.

2. Personalise with Digital Messaging

Digital natives don’t look for the cheapest deals; they demand a personalised approach to promotions and rewards. Build loyalty and value with your customer on a one-to-one basis with digital messaging, encompassing email, push notifications and SMS.

Utilise basket data to send relevant push notifications to customers and deliver promotions, offers and rewards in real-time. With low set-up costs and a highly flexible nature, digital engagement tools are a superb way to enhance consumer experience and assist loyalty this Christmas and beyond.

3. Scrutinise campaigns with Real-time Data

Real-time data – facilitated by digital promotions platforms such as Eagle Eye AIR – is key to understanding purchasing habits and incentivising loyalty during the hectic shopping season.

Create meaningful festive rewards for your loyalty scheme members with a little help from your data. Use your CRM system to provide relevant individual or grouped promotions to reward scheme members, then utilise SMS, email & push notifications to encourage action. A good method is to map gift purchases from last year and then remarket to customers based on these purchases.

Looking to get loyalty wrapped up this season? We deliver the rewards platform you need to build and manage your loyalty proposition and can digitise your existing schemes. Get in touch today to discuss your promotion ideas.