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How to use iOS 10 to make your push messages more successful

iPhone’s latest update looks to accelerate the success of digital messaging with richer conversions and greater app interactions. So how can you use iOS 10 to sky rocket your campaigns?

Update pending notifications

In iOS 10 you can update and replace pending notifications so your latest push message appears at the top of stack. This is especially useful for news app publishers or apps that enable timely notifications. Use this feature to update your customers during live events, such as Black Friday hourly deals or stock level indicators.

Make use of interaction insights

Do you know how successful your push notifications are? iOS 10 tells you how your customers are interacting with your messaging so you can make smart decisions about your future messages. Don’t throw spaghetti at the wall in the hope that something sticks; segment your audience and test different messages to see what resonates.

Given that only 10% to 40% of push messages are opened (with metrics declining each year), this and other new features for iOS 10 can improve engagement and loyalty.

Utilise rich media

Users who have updated to the iOS 10 system will be able to download photos, videos and more from push notifications without having to open any apps. Use compelling images to support your mobile messaging and try A/B testing different forms of media to see what works best for your business. Better still, push personalised messages to individual users.

Target your customers with timely, personalised and interactive digital messaging with Eagle Eye Engage.

Test custom layouts

Get creative with customisable layouts from iOS 10 and manage the placement of titles, subtitles and rich media. Customised push messages appear as independent cards with a thumbnail preview – a visual departure from the list-orientated iOS 9.

In occupying more real estate your messaging is given valuable air time that’s not possible on Android operating systems or previous iPhone iterations. Make the most of this with smart messaging solutions that use templates to improve response and conversion rate.

Take action

Take a look at iOS 10’s new actions, which are embedded directly into rich push notifications. You have room for up to four action buttons which can be used for different commands (think ‘yes’ and ‘no’). This enables such innovative interactivity as one-button buying and user replies.

While keeping interactivity to the home page can see a drop in app open rates, in-app deletions are likely to reduce with meaningful interactivity.

Want to get started with push messaging or improve the success of your existing campaigns? Discover our digital messaging tool for mobile apps, SMS and email.