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How to Increase Footfall and Restaurant Sales at Christmas

‘Tis the season to be shopping, which means plenty of opportunities to drive customer footfall through your restaurant doors. But how can you capture footfall and increase sales in a marketplace that resembles a crowded buffet?

Bring home the beacon with location-based triggers

As many as 70% of consumers are willing to share information about their location if they believe they’re getting something in return, like coupons or loyalty points. Geo technologies, like beacons, are therefore an effective way to engage customers locally.

Beacons can increase footfall by distributing your offers and coupons to the mobile phones of passing customers. Restaurant sales can also be increased once customers are inside through messages triggered by business interactions. Imagine taking your seat and then receiving a notification that desserts are 2-4-1; that’s an intelligent trigger.

Beacon push notifications also provide added value when examined. Through data analysis you can predict how certain customers will react to a certain promotion or event. This allows for personalisation of content to suit receptiveness.

Tips for implementing beacon technology:

  1. Location is key. Test your range before fixing your beacons more permanently.
  2. Consider your messaging strategy alongside the customer journey. Limit the number of messages to avoid irritating customers.
  3. Think about how your beacon messages fit in alongside your other communications.
  4. Think outside of the box. Notifications don’t have to mean discounts or offers; notifications about new dishes could work just as well.
Find out more creating location based-triggers with Eagle Eye Engage.

Mobilise multi-channel messaging

With digital messaging software you can manage campaigns from one place across multiple channels. This means crafting targeted messages and delivering them via customers’ preferred channels in real-time to increase footfall and restaurant sales.

Increasing footfall is more effective when customers are targeted with messages that are timely, personalised and interactive. With the help of your CRM system you can provide relevant individual or grouped promotions to reward scheme members, then utilise SMS, email & push notifications to encourage action.

Use Shopper Data as your secret weapon

The effectiveness of digital messaging boils down to relevancy and engaging customers when they’re most responsive. With the help of shopper data you can make consumers aware of offers on menu items or restaurant locations they’ve previously shown interest in.

Get started with personalised digital messaging to drive footfall and increase build brand loyalty. Get in touch for tailored recommendations today.