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How Restaurant Apps can reach Millennials in a Crowded Marketplace

Looking to cut through the noise and connect with millennials? Increased competition and reduced attention spans may spell a recipe for disaster but there’s hope for F&B marketers yet. Here’s how you can leverage intelligent apps to create the right message at the right time in the right place.

Right Message

Millennials expect (and get) personalised experiences. And data is the best way to ingrain relevancy between brand and customer.

With intelligent restaurant apps customer data is harvested in real-time to CRM systems. This allows detailed analysis of customer activity to enable enhanced targeting and personalisation of offers. If a customer orders a specific type of dish you can automatically send them a discount coupon for that dish on their next visit.

Use Eagle Eye Engage to build mobile applications for your customers to browse promotions, rewards and gift vouchers, then send messages via SMS, push notifications or email.

Right Time

Use real-time messaging to engage your customers when they’re most responsive. Offer rewards via preferred customer channels (such as push notifications from your restaurant’s app) to drive footfall and increase sales in-line with customer behaviour.

Real-time marketing also means real-time reporting. Monitor campaign success and react to strengths and weaknesses as they appear to drive higher conversion rates and avoid loss of revenue. At the same time you can trigger reward promotions, cashback and gift vouchers via restaurant apps in real time with Eagle Eye Reward.

Right Place

Create location-based triggers to engage customers as they interact with your business. With beacon technology customers can receive custom coupons as they take their seat in your restaurant.

You can also view the online/offline customer journey and create incentives for customers to visit more frequently or increase spend. Find out more about digital promotions to create incentives.

It’s a crowded marketplace out there but engaging millennials when they’re most receptive is key to campaign success. Send the right message at the right time in the right place with digital promotions software to create restaurant apps.