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How a gift card programme can boost Father's Day sales

Seize Digital
When you consider consumers are set to spend $16 billion on Father’s Day gifts in the US alone, it pays to consider how a gift card programme can help tap into this and other seasonal gifting opportunities.

Why use gift card programmes?

Fathers are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, which is why gift cards and vouchers are often seen as an ideal Father’s Day present. However, purchases of gift cards for this celebration presents businesses with an important occasion for boosting sales.
The digitalization of gift programmes also affords businesses a unique opportunity to gain unprecedented levels of insight into new and existing customer behaviour.

What is the opportunity with gift programmes?

Gift vouchers have been the most-requested present for over 10 years now, and the amount consumers spend on them grew by 10.7% in 2018 alone. A gift programme is a simple but effective way of winning new customers and incentivising existing ones to increase their spend and frequency. Moreover:
With Eagle Eye, the benefits of digital gifting are even greater. Eagle Eye can help you build an end-to-end understanding of your average customer, offering insight that can be used to improve the total customer experience, as well as cultivate greater loyalty.
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How gift programmes can increase Father’s Day sales

One of the most attractive aspects of a gift programme is that it allows your business to learn about two sets of potential customers at once – the ‘gifters’ and the ‘giftees’.
When properly tracked, sales of gift cards, vouchers or eGifts can reveal important information about the customers buying them. If a customer buys a Father's Day-themed gift card just before Father’s Day, the marketing department can use this insight to target them with marketing messages about further branded gift ideas for fathers around other major gifting dates such as Christmas.
Similarly, the sales and redemption process can reveal the purchasing habits of the customer who is given and eventually uses the gift card, as their spending behaviour can be traced back through their unique digital gift card.
Ultimately, gift card programmes can boost loyalty and give invaluable insight into the customer, in turn helping you boost sales around key gifting dates such as Father’s Day.

The B2B opportunities of gift programmes

Gift card programmes offer additional opportunities for business growth outside of an increase in short-term sales. Research has found that 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers a personalised customer experience. So, any identifying information shared about the customer can be used to refine and target any subsequent marketing messages they are sent.
There has also been a massive increase in recent years of employers rewarding their staff with gift cards, with 80% of consumers saying they have received a gift card from their employer or another business. So, businesses can use gift cards as one of many different ways to incentivise and reward staff who achieve high customer satisfaction levels.
These factors underline how any gift campaign can be successful at getting your brand noticed by your target customers, and provide the right foundation for more meaningful and long-lasting engagement.
The long and short-term benefits of a gift card programme can’t be overstated, particularly for seasonal shopping periods such as Father’s Day and Christmas. Speak to Eagle Eye today to see how we can help your organisation take advantage of this massive opportunity.
You can also watch on-demand the Eagle Eye Gift webinar to discover the latest trends within the gift card market and how you can unlock them as a proven revenue source. The webinar is hosted by Eagle Eye’s New Business Manager, Richard Ridley, and Head of Product, Rich Millington.