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Digital Direct Marketing: 3 ways retailers can join up digital and physical stores

Despite the digital boom 51% of shoppers still prefer to shop in physical stores (GfK). Modern customers demand a unified brand experience across all touchpoints, so it’s more important than ever to connect the dots between online and offline. With the help of digital direct marketing you can target customers digitally while they shop physically. Here’s how.

1.Test proximity marketing

Take this scenario; your customer abandons their basket online and visits the high street the next day. When they’re within walking distance of your business they receive a coupon to their phone, offering 10% off the item they were looking to buy online.

This is exactly what’s possible with digital direct marketing software. You can send personalised mobile messages to customers based on their behaviour and where they are, so your message is delivered at the right time in the right place to convert.

2. Make your loyalty program flexible

Mobile influences 64 percent of all sales made in-store, says Deloitte. Design an app to complement your in-store loyalty program and give customers the opportunity to redeem points online or in-store.

According to our recent whitepaper the biggest barrier to loyalty is customers forgetting to bring the loyalty card into store. With digital wallets and digitised loyalty programs your customers can earn and redeem rewards via mobile.

Digitise your existing loyalty program quickly and easily with Eagle Eye Reward.

3. Create a Single Customer View

Your customers demand a unified brand experience everywhere they engage with you — in store and online. With a digital direct marketing platform customer purchase data is delivered to your CRM in real-time, eventually culminating in a Single Customer View. This means you’re able to track and recognise individuals as they interact with your business across multiple touchpoints.

Create a single customer view using Eagle Eye AIR for improved customer service, greater customer loyalty, and increased revenue.

Want tailored advice on how to make digital direct marketing work for your business? Get in touch today.