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Digital Activation tech trends for a post Covid-19 world (Part 1)

Author: Catherine Titherington, Business Development Manager (Brands) at Eagle Eye Solutions.

Today’s most important tech trends will play a big part in helping us cope with and adapt to the many challenges facing us. From the shift to working from home to new rules about how we meet and interact in public spaces, tech trends will be the driving force in managing change.

Two of the key trends are AI and Personalisation through digital.

AI is undoubtedly one of the biggest tech trends at the moment and during 2021 it will become even more valuable as it can help us to interpret and understand the world around us. The volume of data we are collecting on healthcare, infection rates, and the success of measures we take to prevent the spread of infection will continue to increase. This means the new machine learning algorithm that uses data from the first lockdown is now able to recognise people most likely to be impacted most. Likewise in the world of advertising AI used by organisations like Automated Creative can not only distribute 100’s of Social ads simultaneously in conjunction with activations in store/venue using Eagle Eye technology but can also establish which ads we respond to most thereby optimising campaigns in real-time.

A retrospective look at predications made in 2018 by Figaro digital stated that “Google understands that relevance is extremely important to consumers, as they have been delivering personalised organic search since 2004, alongside their paid-for Adwords service. Their business model depends on them getting the right message in front of the right person, at the right time and in the right place, and the Google search algorithms are continually evolving to refine this targeting.” This type of personalisation is also being picked up by new players to the market around the world of personalised offers  too, so gone are the days of taking a scattergun approach to offers, platforms like Get My Slice are now encouraging consumers to link all their search engines to one app in order to receive personalised offers based on your search history, this eliminates the need for constant scrolling or checking every offer email that arrives in your inbox. Add this to real-time activations and you have the ability to issue personalised offers and redeem them in the offline world giving you valuable end to end practical data about your consumers.

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