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Customer Loyalty Programs in 2017: Trends and Predictions

It’s sink or swim for stagnant customer loyalty programs as we examine 2017 customer loyalty trends. With technology allowing for deeper personalisation and customer mapping, loyalty schemes become more valuable and intelligent.

Here we’ve outlined some predictions to help your customer loyalty strategy beyond the New Year.

Single-view technology will rule all

Sending email blasts to large databases is akin to throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks. These olden days are behind us; customer loyalty programs are moving towards data-guided decision-making and a single customer view.

This year businesses need to have a single view of online and offline systems across multiple channels. Digital promotions platforms allow you to build single view profiles for each customer.

Data is delivered in real-time to external systems, such as your CRM, to enable the detailed analysis of transactional data and shopper behaviour. In providing a single customer view, Eagle Eye Promote can help you serve more relevant promotions to individual consumers to drive customer loyalty.

A personalised omni-channel experience will be expected

In 2017 marketers need to be giving customers what they want – and that’s personalised experiences at every touch point. This is the year for customers to be treated as individuals and receive consistent brand experience regardless of channel.

According to DMNews, 53% of consumers feel it’s important for retailers to recognise them as the same person across all channels and devices. Meanwhile 78% are also willing to allow retailers to use their purchase information to provide more personalised experiences.

In managing the customer journey from a single platform brands can ensure they are following the experience across all channels and reacting to it at points of highest value.

A good example of this is a customer purchasing a product and then receiving a push notification to their mobile phone about offers on similar products as they interact with the store on a return visit.

Find out how you can manage the customer journey and control multi-channel communications from one place with Eagle Eye AIR.

Behavioural analysis will be the next big thing

Traditional customer loyalty programs reward passive customer behaviours and rewards are typically generic. In defining key milestones or behaviours, reward programs can offer more relevant rewards to motivate long-term customer loyalty.

Is your loyalty proposition in need of a facelift? You can define complex multi-tier behaviours with our online rewards program. Eagle Eye Reward’s collection of customer data delivered in real-time allows detailed analysis of customer behaviour so you can target individual customers with unique incentives.

Cyber Monday will become Cyber November

Some experts believe Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two days during November where there are huge discount sales, will become “Cyber November.”

While these commentators say customers can expect to see discounts for the entire month, Eagle Eye believes Black Friday should be year-round. Find out more about why we think promotions should be a 365-day focus by reading our Black Friday blog post.

Inspired to improve your loyalty proposition in 2017? Get in touch for personalised recommendations for your business.