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Brands step up to speed Covid-19 recovery

Author: Catherine Titherington, Brands Business Development Manager at  Eagle Eye Solutions

The most important consideration for everyone right now is staying safe and healthy as the global response to Covid-19 evolves daily. The impact on lives, much less business, continues to be seismic.

But the crisis has also generated some amazing, positive acts of kindness, ingenuity and innovation, particularly among the hardest hit in the out-of-home Hospitality and Food & Beverage (F&B) sectors.

While Eagle Eye is also trying to do its bit to help, we thought it would be worth sharing just a few of the fantastic examples that have caught our eye recently:

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Global brewer, AB InBev, has acted quickly to support F&B businesses. It is raising money to help restaurants, pubs and bars across Europe through donations, business support and “prepaid pints”.

It has sold half a million prepaid pints so far, where consumers can buy a gift card for beer, which is matched by AB InBev to provide revenue relief now, and a boost to footfall traffic when bars reopen.

AB InBev said its initiatives have raised over £7 million, based on its pledge to support the UK and Dutch on-trade, rent deferrals, keg restocks and line cleaning services value, and prepaid pint sales.

Sipsmith and the NHS

Craft gin distillery, Sipsmith, is donating 3,000 litres of alcohol to Imperial College London to make much-needed hand sanitiser for National Health Service (NHS) hospitals during the coronavirus crisis.

The donation will allow Imperial to make enough medical grade hand sanitiser to wash up to 1.2 million hands across hospitals across North West London. It has already produced more than 350l.

The donation of 96% neutral grain spirit from Sipsmith – which otherwise would have been used to produce 5,625l of gin – will allow for the manufacture around 4,000l of ethanol-based hand sanitiser.

BrewDog and the NHS

BrewDog has started making hand sanitiser at its distillery in Aberdeen in response to the national shortage and since then, production to get Punk Sanitiser to those in need has been running 24/7.

The craft brewer has now increased production, having packed and donated over 50,000 units to the NHS and local charities. It has also agreed distribution for keyworkers across the UK from next week.

It reported that container availability has been interesting: “We've overcome the challenge by packing the sanitiser in anything suitable we can get our paws on, including small beer bottles.”

Stock Up Small

While the big grocers and their frontline staff are working hard to keep the nation fed, a lot of smaller F&B brands are facing tough times. That’s where Stock Up Small has come to the rescue.

Started initially as a list of small brands still available for home delivery, the directory has grown to over 300 brands in a week, to include Dalston's Soda Co., Joe & Seph's, and Real Handful Ltd.

With many of the brands and business across multiple food and drink categories also offering special offers exclusive discounts, its slogan is: ‘Stay in. Shop small. Win big.’

If you are looking to run a brand activation initiative, get in touch.