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5 great tips for improving your customer journey

Seize Digital
Creating and maintaining an efficient and effective customer journey is a key step in improving customer engagement and driving revenue. However, with growing numbers of channels and touch points forming part of the customer journey, it’s increasingly difficult to guarantee a seamless experience. Here at eagle eye, we work with some of the UK’s biggest Retail and Food & Beverage Tier 1s, helping them to develop customer journeys that drive engagement and boost revenue.

Here are our top tips for improving your customer journey:

Know your customer goals

Identify what your customer looking for when they engage with your business and where the key touch points are that can make or break a sale or enquiry. Every customer journey is different because every customer is different however, there are common themes. The easiest way to find the answers to these questions is to ask your customers. Obtaining customer feedback can help you understand what’s most important to them and identify the areas to focus on to improve the journey.

Utilise your customer feedback

Though talking to your customers is a great way to gather information about how they experience the customer journey, the information is useless unless you act on it. Acting on the feedback you gather from your customers is essential to helping you develop and improve the customer journey, no matter what touch points they’re passing through.

Map your customer journey

So you’ve talked to your customers and with the feedback you know what your key customer preferences and goals are, as well as their touchpoints. Now it’s time to map out your customer journey; take a big piece of paper a whiteboard and mark out the key touchpoints. This will help you visualise the journey and establish the pain points that you need to act on.

Memorable experiences

A great way to make sure that your customers return to your business is to create memorable customer experiences. The nature of these experiences depends on the nature of your business and the relationship you have with your customers, but ultimately memorable experiences should reflect and exceed customer expectations and preferences. By putting your customer at the forefront you can improve their customer experience and increase the chances of repeat business.

Be omnichannel

In the age of digital - in which a customer is more likely to engage with your business on social media  than walk in to your store - the most important element of the customer journey for the customer themselves is consistency. In customer experience terms, this means having an omnichannel marketing approach – providing a seamless experience across all channels from mobile device to desktop, and from social media to in store. The ability to track consumers as they engage with you through multiple channels provides an instant way for you to aggregate data and achieve a single customer view.

Our digital marketing platform Eagle Eye AIR helps retailers and brands establish the single customer view, with real-time tracking across a variety of channels, helping to deliver insights, drive revenue and improve the customer experience. Find out more about how AIR can help your business improve its customer journey and contact us today.