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5 Reasons to add SMS Marketing to your Strategy

Looking for reasons to invest in SMS marketing? If the 90%+ open rate isn’t incentive enough we’ve pulled together the top reasons why small and large businesses should be testing SMS strategies in 2017. Let’s cut to the chase.

1. High Open Rate

A whopping 97% of text messages are opened and read, with most being read within 3 minutes ( No other direct marketing channel compares. What’s more, there are no spam filters to tackle.

Text message marketing is perfect for impulse shopping decisions, where targeting customers at the right time in the right place is incredibly valuable. With SMS marketing software you can send personalised messages and promotions to consumers based on their location or even past purchase data.

2. High Conversion Rate

Users are more responsive to call-to-actions in text messages than any other marketing channel. Aside from the modern mobile obsession (62% of us check our phones immediately upon waking according to IDC data), text marketing also has the following important distinctions:

  • Short and succinct messaging
  • Action-driven messaging
  • Lack of distracting images and links

Go one step further with smart messaging to improve response and conversion rate through keywords, short codes and more.

3. Hyper-personalisation Opportunities

There’s no better way to get close to your customers than by flashing up on their mobile screen. But who wants to receive a “you’ve won a gift card” spam message? Resonate where it matters with a textually relevant promotion that taps into individual customer interests and purchase behaviour.

According to a study by Simmons National Consumer Study (NCS) 51% of millennials are willing to share their mobile number if given an incentive. This makes customer data easier to grab and harness than ever before.

You can even hook up your mobile messaging system with your CRM system to deliver consumer insights in real-time. In providing a Single Customer View Eagle Eye technology allows you to:

  • Track customer journeys across multiple touchpoints
  • Utilise shopper basket data to inform personalised offers
  • React to campaign performance based on feedback

4. Situation-based Performance

While many campaigns generate great results, the best SMS campaigns are concerned with:

  • Event promotion – From event reminders to discounts on tickets to related events, SMS is a great channel to foster relationships with consumers and build loyalty
  • Proximity marketing – Be where your customers are and drive qualified footfall with beacon technology through real-time digital coupons, promotions and offers
  • Media tie-ups – Send targeted push notifications to consumers and deliver promotions, offers and rewards via their preferred channel (push notification, email, SMS) in real time with our Campaign Manager functionality

5. Cost-effectiveness

You may be surprised at just how little SMS marketing costs to set up and manage. Unlike email marketing, which demands configuring and templating, SMS for business is quick and easy to run. Get in touch for a personalised quote for your business.

Ready to get started on your SMS strategy? Discover our SMS marketing software to make things easy.