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4 Digital Lessons for International Customer Loyalty Month

April is International Customer Loyalty Month, an opportunity for companies to step their loyalty marketing up a notch. If you don’t have a consumer loyalty program already, now’s a good time to start. It’s also the perfect opportunity to give your proposition a spring clean! So how can you drive loyalty this month, and every month?

1. Understand your customers

Improve your loyalty marketing with the help of savvy software that allows you to connect your CRM and analyse shopper transaction data. From here you can deliver personalised coupons at the right time using the right channel, based on customer product interests and channel preferences. Find out more about engaging customers when they’re most responsive with Eagle Eye Engage.

Tip: Send tailored coupons to individual customers based on their purchase history and create a single customer view to join up the customer journey.

2. Use the right messages

Nothing turns a customer off more than receiving irrelevant messages, in fact 25% of UK consumers stop using loyalty programs due to lack of personalisation (Source: Reload your Loyalty).

Any message you send should be timely and personalised in order to build loyalty and value with your consumer on a one-to-one basis. Meanwhile multi-channel communications provide more choice, increasing engagement overall.

Tip: Get started with timely, personalised and interactive digital messaging using our Campaign Manager functionality.

3. React in real-time

Utilise real-time reporting to quickly see areas of success or weakness in your loyalty marketing. With performance updates in real-time you can pull budget from campaigns that aren’t gaining traction and reallocate elsewhere, and vice versa. Real-time updates to external systems, such as your CRM, also allow you to build stronger brand relationships and get to know your customers in a speedier fashion.

Tip: Use your CRM system to provide relevant individual or grouped promotions to reward scheme members, then use digital messaging to encourage action at the right time.

4. Host a loyalty event

Put on something special for International Customer Loyalty Month or beyond. Think extra reward points, special discounts or unique experiences that money can’t buy. Why not offer loyal customers the option to try new products before anyone else, or extra rewards for customers who refer their friends?

Tip: Increase the redemption rate of personalised promotions by creating location-based triggers to engage with your consumers as they interact with your business.

Build long-lasting customer relationships that go beyond Customer Loyalty Month with help from loyalty marketing software. Speak to us about Eagle Eye AIR to create and manage your loyalty proposition.