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3 ways to maximise marketing ROI on brand promotions

Are you maximising marketing ROI on your brand promotions? An influential study by Nielsen claims that less than half of all trade promotions fail to increase brand or category growth. Trade marketing is typically the largest line item on your balance sheet, but it’s not always effective. We’ve defined 3 ways you can improve your brand promotions to get more bang for your buck.

The Challenge: Consumer-brand Disconnect

Customers form a holistic opinion of a brand whether they’re shopping online, in-store or receiving multichannel brand communications. So why do brand teams still work in silos?

A disconnect between brand and customer amplified by traditional media planning means brands do not have direct customer relationships. Agencies, media buying teams, on-trade and off-trade teams working in silos put distance between brand and customer. This is especially true of the alcohol, soft drinks and snacks sector.

The customer-brand disconnect is symptomatic with not knowing the redemption rate of your offers, who your customers are, how they shop and what they buy. That’s when intelligent digital promotions come into a league of their own.


The Solution: Digital Promotions

Do you know what your customers think of your brand, or how they engage at point of purchase? Targeted and personalised promotions are an audience-first approach to brand marketing. Such promotions allow for direct engagement and collect valuable customer data for analysis, streamlining marketing ROI. Here’s how you can bring home the bacon with more intelligent digital promotions.

1. Collect shopper basket data for more relevant offers (and greater returns!)
With digital promotions your shopper basket data is delivered in real-time to your CRM. This means you can pinpoint exactly which products are bought by which customers, how often your customers purchase, and the quantity of promo spend.

2. Gain a single customer view
With shopper data to hand you can create personalised promotions to individual customers based on their past purchases and how frequently they shop. In providing a single customer view, Eagle Eye Promote brings you closer to your customers, in turn furthering consumer activity, revenue and customer loyalty.

3. Get the maths done for you
Calculating marketing ROI is often an inexact science, especially if promotions are incorrectly redeemed. Eagle Eye Promote provides the secure, real-time counting and reconciliation of your coupons and makes life easier when it comes to calculating ROI. At the same time the risk of fraud, mal- redemption and mis-redemption is reduced



  • Generation of unique single or multi-use codes in unlimited formats

  • Real-time issuance and redemption via multiple channels

  • Collection of shopper basket data

  • Media channel analysis in real-time

  • Single customer view

  • Integration with digital messaging for multi-channel promotions

Get started with consumer-centric digital promotions today, or get in touch for tailored recommendations for your campaign.