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3 ways to Improve the Mobile Customer Experience in Restaurants

In failing to provide a personalised and digital customer experience, many restaurants are missing out on substantial revenue. According to Eagle Eye research, 23% of diners use mobile phones in restaurants and 75% of 25-34 year olds value restaurant apps for payments and redemptions.

The missed opportunity

With appetite for more advanced customer loyalty schemes and personalised promotions, millennial diners will soon leave traditional restaurants behind and seek a more 21st Century approach.

“Restaurants are failing to tap into a key opportunity… By tapping into this they would provide the customer with the simplicity and efficiency they crave… but they’d also gain a great deal more valuable data,” says Tim Mason, Eagle Eye CEO.

Of the 16-24 age group 41% use their phones to check social media and 37% tag themselves or take photos. While there’s a place for mobile at the dinner table, younger customers are three times more likely to check social media than redeem a coupon. This data highlights a huge missed opportunity for restaurants to leverage mobile promotions and enhance the mobile customer experience.

Tips for enhancing the mobile customer experience

1. Run personalised digital promotions
Secure a single customer view to identify how often your customers dine and what they like to eat and drink. In collecting this valuable data you’ll be able to create truly personalised digital promotions that resonate and convert.

2. Leverage geotargeting
With location-based triggers you can engage customers while in the vicinity of your restaurant, or while seated inside. With Eagle Eye Engage you can send promotions to the mobile phones of customers as they interact with your business, such as 20% off their favourite dessert.

3. Reward your diners
Using the All Bar One app users can reserve tables, access unique recipes and collect loyalty tokens. Individual customer preferences are stored and targeted offers are sent, whilst beacon technology rolled out across All Bar One locations means customers receive tailored notifications during the dining experience to instantly redeem at the till.

All Bar One is paving the way towards a digitally connected restaurant experience, made possible by our digital promotions platform.

Download our latest whitepaper, Great Expectations: The Connected Customer to find out more about the role of mobile in improving customer experience.