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3 ways FMCG brands can harness the power of shopper marketing

Shopper marketing is a £1.5bn-a-year industry, yet is often overlooked or seen as a basic, tick-box activity. Truth is shopper marketing has come a long way since aisle shelving plans, and brands that fail to innovate digitally are being left in the dust. Discover three quick-win shopper marketing trends FMCG brands can adopt to stay ahead of the game.

Digital POS

More and more brands are waking up to the benefits of connecting online and offline experiences. Waitrose recently announced they’re trialling digital signage, enabling the supermarket to run reactive promotions in real-time and alter deals at the drop of the hat. Similarly The Co-operative Food is utilising digital screens at the till to promote offers and for consumers to rate their experiences.

Tip: Utilise real-time promotions software to distribute ad hoc promotions. Dial your messaging up or down depending on campaign performance.


With 90% of all transactions still happening offline, it’s difficult to identify a customer from one channel to the next. It’s even more difficult to understand whether that individual is a new or existing customer, unless they’re part of your loyalty scheme.

By connecting online and offline point-of-sale transaction data with your CRM you can create more complete pictures of your customers. In understanding what your customers are buying and how they interact with your business across channels, you can increase the relevancy of your promotions.

Tip: Connect your CRM with digital messaging software to establish a single customer view. Create personalised promotions based on customer behaviour.

Connected Campaigns

Only 14% of organisations are integrating shopper marketing campaigns across all channels. Meanwhile a study by Google found that conversions surged by 16% when cross-device marketing was deployed. In order to create effective marketing strategies conversations with customers need to be consistent.

A great way to join up the customer journey and drive sales is to make consumers aware of offers on products they’ve previously shown interest in. Take the example of a customer abandoning a basket online. You can send them emails to resume their purchase, or better still, you can distribute coupons for the abandoned products to that customer’s mobile phone next time they’re in store.

Tip: Target your customers with timely, personalised and interactive messaging using our Campaign Manager functionality.

Looking for tailored shopper marketing advice? We specialise in digital promotions from Point of Sale data integration to multichannel campaign messaging. Discover Eagle Eye AIR and get in touch today.